Sunday, April 29, 2007

market fever

Time line:
I cooked away everyday these past few days...
so menu was:

1. Fish curry & fried chicken
2.portugese chicken with avocado salad
3. Basil meatball pasta with steamed vegies...
4. Made a giant choc cadbury muffin which needs a muffin tray & some tweaking.;)

Beside's the crazy storm cooking,
we did a lot of groceries.... Went to vic markets & prahran yesterday
Had to introduce the gorgeous crabapple cupcakes to li,and a taste of the organic doughnuts...yum!

It was a domestic weekend for us, cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacumming & shifting!

boo i have work in about 1.45, time to get the booty out and showered.

ps: we did a lovely walk in the state library where they had an exhibition of books...

a great collection

Friday, April 27, 2007

Moving towards today

the start of their evening

back in uni......dum dum dum...

mOOdy: Because stupid computers keep stalling on me(home & uni).....
i have to get up early for tired*
I have to do a lots of house chores...grunt grunt*
Melody: Playing on Li's com

Despite all that, i recieved a number of winners today
Firstly a killer punch from madam chloe, cute and free of pain
Second to it was max brenner with li & kal,
a fun class & hassle free in design,
drinks at cookie, actually the twosome had some as i had an early rise...
we had good old fashion Mackers to our delightful days of catching up.

Menu: Sukiyaki beef = $5.50
Chocolate babka= $5.50
Small Set meal( Lean Beef Burger)=$5.60
The only thing home cooked today was a plateful of french toast

Thursday, April 26, 2007

fast forward week

as, i was going into a state of a holiday for anzac day yesterday....
huddled and cuddled in my bundle....I decided to jeng jeng*
colour ajie's hair....the joy of being spontaneous....
made = my bub quite annoyed at me but it didnt turn out too obvious.
hahaha and nothing to crazy.....Just a simple plain jane dye job.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

love the little asian doll

mood: tired, sick of peanuts( had to many).....thinking about the annoying ring of the alarm clock at 8am tom morning...
---> Aim, must be at work 5 to 9am.
----> dreading the body going limp on me
------> stressing on the amount of tech i should get done

The twinkles*
li's already here
wednesday maybe a holiday, i get to jalan jalan*
going to visit my new ragdoll baby this sat.
girly girly adventures to come

Tummy mass: Currently none! ooohhh im hungry...well sort of...waiting for uni labs...

weather report: Drizzly rain with a holey sweater... = warm weird winds & not chilling to the bone
images: 1. sexy china doll, from wall paper 2. more china dolls in my collage of the central core of the house." The fireplace as the heart of the house" included with day & night feature.

heart intake: a miracle to cure

Saturday, April 21, 2007

bang bang

Yet another postie of the day,

time : absolutely going at a stand still, li's arriving in 20 mins...

satisfaction: another lovely set of bangs from jo, now i can see the light!
and it feels all airy too...
Book wants:Made a quick pit stop before heading back home
1.Audrey hepburn filled with unusual documents containing letters , pictures
2. Mao book, now at $25
3. John lennon, by yoko ono
4. Minimalist interior....still thinking, beautiful archi details in there

Im kidnapping my lil bub for gelati**

dance fever

Aims: to hit back on the dance floor, Yes with every minute i get myself watching
a dance routine. I start missing the dancer in me, the performer and the actress.
I miss the beat, the audience , the ability to express myself unconditionally.

Unfortunately the little butterfly has forgotten her roots.
I guess being caught up with the base of everyday reality
has left me to forget how much i love dancing.
So, i am really really keen and I am either going to
give Dance factory a call or chunky move. I might do both.

Feel like getting myself to the movies to check Stomp the Yard,
I get really patriotic about it to, it's my passion.

Past week: Hell broke lose with the last minute cramp and back to back
computer staring and working on CAD. But it's safe to say i have pulled it
through and i have heaps of work coming for me till the end of the Sem.
Food consumed: less than usual because i was stressing on the com.
1. Choc was still in it, in all it's form
-kit kat, choc mc vites, snickers, caramello...
haha i wonder why i complain about my belly....
2. Constant morning shakes
3. Take outs unfortunately....have to get my ass kicking into cooking!

Fashion sense: completely wonked but i got myself some hot tights for winter to come!
and im getting a haircut! with jo...check out the harper's bazaar webbie and under toni & guy,
you will find the best hairdresser..she did the mermaid add..:) it should be on most adds in major mags.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Detox week, Milk Thistle

Mood: Still recovering and fully regretting...guilt guilt...

choc of the day: Merci, Hazelnut ..had already eaten a creme truffle...

Days have been passing by too fast in my knowledge,
As soon as i have cooked myself a hearty breakfast
im already freaking out to see that it's approaching to 2pm.
Where were those days where timing is moving at your pace,
Ajie and i will be doing an all nighter tonight at uni. It's about time,
damn i have work at 9am tomorrow so that willl be a nice catch!

I am planning to manage on dividing 2 sessions.
One purely on design & the other on tech 5.
Then when i get home i got to get my butt on to some
conceptual models, maybe i should just rely on 3d. hrmmmm....
Oh well, i do plan to stay relatively calm this sunny sunday
& perhaps after an exhausting time in the labs. Ajie would be
up for some gelati....

here are some photo's of the good friday night....
i was really happy & glad lily and brandz were there!