Wednesday, February 11, 2009

this time its for real!

It was an absolute bliss that everything fell into place,
All my heart is swelling too is a million and one thank you's
to all who showed up,
helped out and made everything possible.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Running from A TO Z

Pish posh and a million thoughts running through my head,
I am feeling a little bit under the weather,
thanks to everyone around me coughing like mad,
and the heavy pouring rain.
I seem to have attached myself in this chain reaction.
Offcourse, i forgotten all my vits in melbourne.

I hope i dont end up being a coughing
bride to be on my engagement this Saturday.
After many funny images looming over in my head,
it is a comical stand to be in.
Who knew denying myself to marriage would end up
placing myself in this strange predicament.

However, i will imply that this notion has not
scared me off my toes or given my partner the cold feet.
Though i will say that i am getting the cold
shoulder trying to plan and put all the players
in the right spot.
Mainly pleasing others and adding more wrinkles
on to my face.
By the end of it, i hope somewhere over the rainbow
would come.
Yikes am i already seriously in the next phase of my life?

strange strange*