Wednesday, November 29, 2006

wedding blues

mood: really tired from having a good massage ..very very nice

is it me or everyone loves getting married at the end of they year, i dont know dont fancy a monsoon to spoil a laid out white wedding ...missing ajie*

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

a pocket surprise

*here's a lil tribute and welcoming to my little secret...which is due to launch soon*

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Back to Reality

"It was like a dream, the use of every single minute and hour with care. It was filled with ruins, that ran far from all corners of the earth. The echanted stories of gods and demons. Then came the people, humble and still affected on the horror that wiped out 3 million cambodians. Despite it, they are happy. Happy to live in their huts and paddy fields. I couldnt ask for a better moment and time."

it has been 3 days since we came back from siem riep. All seemed surreal and vague. However, i will not deny the fact that everyday seemed liked it was eternity over there. ( All in a good way :) People rose early, at 7 am the sun is already up in the sky and sets back at 5.30 pm.

1st day: we arrived, checked in. ohhh cute bellboy! everything was so close to one another. we had lunch at an indian restaurant. john introduced himself, such a nice man. then the imam came. We settled off to to visit the mosque. It was set on a bumpy road & huts. We were struck by happy lil kids. Started the distribution, it felt good :).

We went off to see the angkor's children hospital. So many sick kids & their mothers. despite that the hospital had a warm feel. We donated more & got our t shirts :)

we continued our voyage to tonle sap, what a great lake. mystic stories fill it and we watched the was beautiful.
Had yummy food at the Khmer kitchen & did some fruit shopping

2nd day:what an early start, up by 4am, left the hotel (Preah KHAN) at ten mins before 5am. Got our id's done. set off to watch the sunset. OMG it was beautiful despite the billion and one tourist mostly koreans covering every inch of the ruins. Breakkie: attacked my the temple kids...i fell for it and bought some distributed candies too.

Totally templed out and was BURNING! visited the TOMB RAIDER temple, hahaha its funny that they are selling angelina jolie's dvds....shit, the trees were hugeeeeee......once again it was dinner at khmer;s kitchen :)newbie driver: dara who's also really nice too...all of them are :) oohhhh...the nice nice bed....haha and fashion tv

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Funny coincidence

got up real early today because had to start an early walk over, trying my luck at killing some time. I decided to flip through a Vogue living Mag & came accross Droog Design. As, i was busy flipping, a hot pink contraption which was called 'Hot Seat caught my eye. It was an idea for developing Street Furniture for Roppongi Hills, a large private development in Tokyo. The artist came with the concept and design through observing how people would sit out on the streets.

* I love street furniture and public art, I suppose it came about when i went to Universal Studio's and spent the day on the American Tale/ Dream Cartoon playground where everything was large! I suppose its the thrill of pretending to be an ant sized person running through the tall blades of grass or hanging out on a coke tin. Or actually it could be the thrill of having to share something strange & quirky with the crowd, the feel of something out of the extraordinary.

Here's another project called "Play House". Located in Spazio Console,Milan, Italy. 1999
by Traast & Gruson. I love basics and this comes down to it, the outline of the house. Things that are actually important which are our thresholds. The compound, the door, the walls , the stairs and the space within.

* Interesting note: the vogue i came across was a 2003 edition, obviously i wasnt in tune with design then. :) and
here's the link for the company :

Monday, November 13, 2006

Camera Shopping

Today: My conversations were filled with camera's. After making a pit stop at pertama complex for film yesterday, my eyes fell heavily on to the Olympus FE160. With the desire to have it for my own & also wanting to know more reviews on the camera. I decided to do a little research on this little contraption of vanity with the wonderful 'internet'. So far, after much weblinks. I have decided it's not the camera for me as it got a couple of bad reviews. Im not one to rely on it but if they claim that it doesnt take very good pictures and the lag is around 5 seconds....i was hrmmm, i think it would be wiser to spend a little more for better quality.

So, i went on reading & my heart goes out for the Olympus FE190, two versions up :)
So far it has gotten better reviews from users as well as the only bad thing about it is that it
does not have manual functions. Thats fine with me, as i want the little baby for more casual shots. Im not to sure whether it has the water proof casing for this. oh well, i will have to double
check with the store if he can give me a good price.

Isn't this camera the coolest? according to my awaiting sifu, its used mostly with pro photographers....hrmm thinking on investing in this guessing it should be in the 1000 plus as i saw it for $499usd

Saturday, November 11, 2006


"I had a book once, it was a beautiful birthday book filled with images of the medieval times. At first glance, as a child you would think it was a naughty book. Filled with young women with their bosoms showned but as i grew older and into the book. It was pieces of art through the renaissance. How beautiful it was to admire the unicorns, the mystical creatures we once thought were real. Now could they be? The courageous lions that roar their might, and us mere humans in our shiny and glazing armours. Wasnt it a beautiful time then? A time when we were allowed to dream that a prince charming would come and save you from that fiery dragon who is guarding a doorless tower.Just like all wonderful story books it all comes to a beautiful end. What is my beautiful end?"-giana 1.02 am

i admired unicorns for their admiration that they got from others, a creature that roams around in pride, with that beautiful horn. now , what makes it different from a horse? it has a body of a horse, just that strange horn that shouldnt be there. We are always craving for the unknown, craving for things that are different. In this despair moment, i picture myself as the unicorn. People think im free, but something is also holding me back from wanting to be want i can be. Maybe i dont need that horn to be different. Maybe the horse needs a little push and encouragement. just like a young fawn,maybe what i need is my soul. The one that has been lost & hidden.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Moo moo express & the vege buffet

DAY 1 on 16 th November: Pick you up from the airport and then we can start the tour. Angkor Thom: South gate of Angkor Thom (visiting the four giant faces of the gate), Central Angkor Thom (Bayon, Baphuon, Phimeanakas, Terrace of the Elephants, Terrace of the Leper King), Victory gate, Thommanon, Spean Thmar, Ta Keo (short visit), Ta Prohm (known as the jungle temple - famous for the trees growing from the temple walls) and sunset at Phnom Bakheng.

DAY 2 on 17th November ( Start the tour at 5:00 AM. ): Banteay Srei temple (beautiful and intimate 10th century temple built of pink sandstone), Banteay Samre, East Mebon, Ta Som and Neak Pean temple and lunch.
In the afternoon: Preah Khan (an extensive 56-hectare Buddhist complex where King Jayavarman VII finally defeated the Chams and the Cham king was killed there) and Angkor Wat . Traditional dance show in the evening.

DAY 3 on 18th November ( Start the tour at 5:00 AM. ): Bemg Belea ( 82 km from Siem Reap ), Roluos group , there are three main temples like Preah Ko, Bakong and Lolei temples ( the first major capital of Angkorian era Khmer Empire ), lunch in town.
In the afternoon: Wat Thmei (local Killing Field memorial), and the view of the Tonle Sap lake (the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, cyclically swelling from 2,500 square kilometers to more than 12,000 square kilometers in the wet season and you can visit the floating fishing villages and a boat trip is available).

DAY 4 on 19th November ( Start the tour at 6:00 AM. ) : To phnom Penh. It costs US$ 60 for 4 persons not US$ 60 for per person. US$ is for one way only so it will cost US$ 120 for two ways.
DAY 5 on 20th November: Before you leave Siem Reap. You can go to see Wat Thmei (local Killing Field memorial) and catch Balloon rides. To the airport.

Price for the tour from Day 1-Day 5 , I would like to charge you US$ 290 totally for 4 people. Price quoted is the net cost ( i.e included tax, services, driver, petrol, car, pick-up services from and to the airport ). For the other expenditures, you have to pay for by yourself such as tickets to visit the temples of Angkor, boat trip, balloon rides, food, drinks...).

what catches you the most as you're looking through the schedule? absolute non stop ongoing trip, hahaha we would be so exhausted at the end of the day not to mention , how exciting it would be looking at all the pit stops we're making :). I cant wait * however the sudden panic of not having enough money, it would be a tight budget during and after the trip. CAMBODIA is expensive! im also estatic about the balloon ride, always wanted to go on one :) yeay! eh, wonder when il be able to drop off things to the hospital and mosque.....??

i have predicted that during this trip i will be seeing heaps of cows & veging with my fellow cows on the green leafies as i might be too scared to eat anything else. Perhaps a lot of fruits too!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Concrete Phase

I have decided to continue in my pursue to put up more montages of my "fixing up my folio phase". I still have plenty to do, but this is the overall montage of my Studio with Mr. Richard Black.

Regrets, could have done a better job but in times of turmoil & distress things dont really go your way. So, another lesson learnt and life goes on.haha easily said then done. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Power of Design

What a strong combination, the stone cold stares of Tadao Ando and the good looking Giorgio Armani. It's amazing what this collaboration might come to. These two men are placing forces into refurbishing the Interior of Bergognone 46, Milan.

I have always a strong desire to fashion & i am completely amused by the fact that Wallpaper has collumns for the power couple in their website. The pairing of every designer makes sense, like zaha hadid & karl lagerfeld. Their ideas and concepts come together, because what houses fashion is the spacial threshold that is around us. Fashion speaks on behalf of our individuality and architecture speaks to us as a whole, enabling to express us all as a community.

Now, coming towards my urge for vanity. I came across acne at first and found myself surprised as it also appeared on wallpaper. So, it's a definite yes, that il be passing my baby some $ to get me some of this beautiful garments in Sweden. To me, it describes fluidity & my versatile style to fashion.

Along the way: i have updated my folio, somehow it looks rather edgy ... a hard feel of the site. should have more trees.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Khmer, $1usd & dancefest in the land of the sealion

Mood: Absolutely hammered from the heat & exhaustion from the week

I am so psyched out about Cambodia, however looks like we would
only be in Siem Riep as travelling to Phnom penh might not seem like a good
idea especially if we're only there for 4 days. But im somehow secretly wishing
we could because i really would like to take the chance to study the french influenced
architecture and also the basic life in the city. Market are suppose to be a good there
& also the school where they had people tortured. It's the experience,plus we are all
so lucky to be hovered over by shield that has protected us from having to suffer
with bad water, extreme pollution. You know just the basics that every human being
should not have to worry about.

I have a feeling i would get a little emotional during this coming trip,
Anyway i am glad that we are all donating things to the hospital & the local
mosque over there. Insyaallah all will be well on our little adventure.

for some party time: finally! i will be heading down to singapore to visitn darling jojo and van...god, it's been a while since i last saw her.

oh yeah being lame & visiting the singapore zooo....

Friday, November 03, 2006

doe eyed deers

As i was looking through for images that i could use for my folio, i came across this perculiar image. In a quick instant it reminded me of mangga or atleast something from an anime movie.
It spoke of a strange mood, the white sculptured deers somehow represented the pure. However as u glimpse closely you start to take notice of it's slightly protuding ribs,sunken stomach and somehow dark emotions within the facial expression. It's a mirror and symmetry between the pair of deers that lay stumpled and scattered like a litter of leaves. Ironically that doesnt leave a sense of death as it seems to represent that.

With a little more reseach, i found out that the sculptor is Kim Simonssons, who happens to be a young finnish artist that has a kink with 3 dimensional stills from anime films. He's also based in Helsinki and has been putting up exhibitions throughout his break in 2004. Very good progress for an artist!

before raya

Here are more photo montages to be exhibited, Miss Parminter's guest at her own realm and Miss Parminter at sunset.