Monday, May 31, 2010


Having & humming the S.O.S song in my head, over and over again. Lately i have been hit with the "blue" bug, seriously I'm relatively chirpy when it comes to things even after getting a head lock or guillotine moment ( as sayang puts it ). Despite listening to happy tunes of John Mayer, i am stuck in jello- o. Puts you in that funny scene in HONEY I have shrunk the kids ! Put me out of my misery and hand me a giant chocolate to savour my sorrows or befriend me my giant ant so he may take me away like thumbelina and the swallow.

So far, I have managed to compartmentalize and slowly gather the piles and solve them slowly. Off course if possible, i hope it can go away by this weekend! or at least in the following week.

Back to other misc. things in my life, I find winter just puts me into a hibernation mode. As soon as light goes, I'm wanting to veg in my little bed and curl up to good old fashion TV. I should say DVD as i still need rabbit ears to get TV channels to come through. I slip on to my Jammie's, hrmmm i think tonight is a good book night and you know what . Today , I'm going to pray. I'm going to pray for my family ( all of them ) and all my loved ones.

I feel that's what I'm lacking, some spiritual thought and happiness to feed my soul.Yeah, seem to mentioning soul a lot. Scary huh? Mid life 20's crisis. Haha, not to far from 30 and lets see what i will come up with then.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You can Never Run or Hide

Turned out this trip, was my way of running away. Despite having to face my now reality, i found that in many ways this trip helped me heal my tired body and soul.
Made sure it was purely filled with what i truly needed to do, so forgive me if i havent made my time in the day sometime in the trip to book in the date.It was purely to feed my soul with the essentials

Saturday, May 01, 2010

A little place called Home

Home home is where the heart is, momentarily doing some healing and work.
I would like to dream away about being at a beach somewhere, would i be crazy
to take a bus up to Penang where my cousin is at and lay in the sun for a mere day.
Im glad to have a free day and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, i have a small voice which pulls me back to reality.

sigh* i need to head back to Melbourne soon