Monday, July 28, 2008

weathering winter again

It seems im never far from wandering the streets and facing all my bones
being constantly filled up with rushing cold winds.
Just in Dec-Jan---> i was experiencing winter in the states
from breezy beach weather in San Diego,
Shopping trips in our warmest gear in New York,
Beautiful & Heavy snow in Canada
Frozen bits of water in Washington DC....

Before that Melbourne winter had just ended,
Now here i am back to toes frozen...
Bundled in my robe like coat....
Frankly i could have a little bit of sun or atleast a longer
period of summer brushing agaisnt my skin.
;) Perhaps, i could catch some when i head back to kl in Dec.
Vietnam, Cambodia here i come

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tootsie rolling back to melbourne

ok, now im in the second stage of packing.
Which is finalising the little things that you tend to forget,
I get quite nerdy and all,
with my little list of things. Currently it's pilling on rather than getting ticked of.


Im glad i managed to sort out my other list of what to expect for the engagement.
I think im prepared to dwell my hands into all the commotion thats
coming for me.
" Mentally prepare yourself" hahaha....

But other than all packed and ready for my trip back.
Im also totally psyched that they are still showing SATC in the movies,
i mean how can i watch it all censored in kl.that's wrongggg....
After my trip to New York, ahahah im officially a fan.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

IMMUNE and homeless

man....all past post in these few months seems to be all grumpy...& grumbily...

Visa finally got approved which means im heading home soon.
I dont know where is home now since clearly we're homeless at this point,
Anyway despite it im heading back with a whole new phase,
Going to love that i will be shaking in my bones ...winter breeze
Job hunting again, late night in uni again, my baby cats again ( this im looking forward to)

eating il doche freddo's, eating at thai culinary,
travelling out to do my groceries,fitzroy gym,
tram jumping and hiding, roaming the familiar streets..
licking my fingers to lovely crabapple cupcakes...

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Such a wild goose chase.
Chasing after those who are meant to please,
Chasing those that you are meant to obey,
Chasing after those god damn wishes.....

mood: not amused, to a brink of no care & no emotion.

You would think that your own or collaboration of decisions
would be left there as a sign of mere support from others.
Naa.... that in due is not happening.
Instead i am unravelled into a whirl wind of too many
opposing thoughts and comments from others.
Working together? Never ..... maybe in my wildest dreams.

A sign of friendship between the union of two people is meant to bring a wholeness.
I wonder whether at a course of time, if i still had my firm father.
Whether this crazy roller coaster would take place.
I think my wishes as i had always shared with him in the past,
were never a point of argument. At the time I was given everything
but i was not spoilt. I was just merely sharing a lovely bond with
my father. One where he understood me & stood by me to make
matters better. Time passes by, and no one respects my decisions
to be my own person. Have they not realize within these years of absence.
I am my own person with simple logical thinking. My demands or rather
decisions in life are purely sane.


Marriage is a personal union of individuals. This union may also be called matrimony, while the ceremony that marks its beginning is called a wedding and the status created is sometimes called wedlock.

The word personal? That has not ever been whispered in
practice in my life. Everyone instantly jumps into my space
& resides there....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


"Im swept of my feet to never never land,

Land where skies shine as blue as it can be,

Hovering winds, mostly whispering desires,

Now, i lay awake just wanting .....more."