Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Bday Bestie!

A big shout out to Miss Ness, Counting down to her bday.
Another fellow October Baby to be added on to many other
babies who are born in this great month. hehehe

Wish you were here in melbs & Have a beautiful bday !!!!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

going on a limb

It takes another human being to place you right smack in your tracks.
Often you wander about ignoring the outmost importance of an individual
to find that your unintentional act is merely a careless mistake.
Now, the question falls down to whether the other who seeks refuge under
your wing has rebelled without a cause and throwned you so far into the
deep end that acts of spite, revenge and cruelty is all that can be
expressed. Will you wing the creature through this dark phase?

How strange where the path takes you, how strange that when it does your
most intense desires and need to write is flowing ever so rapidly down
these keyboards. I have found what i have been looking for which is the
desire and fierce commitment that i have lost many moons ago.

A new enlightenment has whispered its grace on me, a light of perspective.
A light of cunning emotions that drape so deep within me.
A tunnel of visions which was clouded by mass materials and unnecessary
In turn, churned the machine of clouded conversations.

Whispers and talks, whispers that come beyond our reach.
Mind matters that pierce so deep within your heart,
without a hold without even a word of care.
How long will this nature takes its course?
How long would you expect to break my bones down?

Man was made to dream and yet to suffer ever so greatly,
The pain of which i can call my own,
The solid wall of trust that i take you in with me
and will guide you while i have none.
Lets venture beyond our playground,
Lets venture to sing and dance through this confusion.

All is part of patience, all is a pride.
For nothing in this world could blind me,
For nothing in this world could feel the beat,
I am your devoted being,
I will continously be your one and only.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


its is no longer whole without you

Friday, April 03, 2009

News flash!

hey guys pls check:


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

this time its for real!

It was an absolute bliss that everything fell into place,
All my heart is swelling too is a million and one thank you's
to all who showed up,
helped out and made everything possible.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Running from A TO Z

Pish posh and a million thoughts running through my head,
I am feeling a little bit under the weather,
thanks to everyone around me coughing like mad,
and the heavy pouring rain.
I seem to have attached myself in this chain reaction.
Offcourse, i forgotten all my vits in melbourne.

I hope i dont end up being a coughing
bride to be on my engagement this Saturday.
After many funny images looming over in my head,
it is a comical stand to be in.
Who knew denying myself to marriage would end up
placing myself in this strange predicament.

However, i will imply that this notion has not
scared me off my toes or given my partner the cold feet.
Though i will say that i am getting the cold
shoulder trying to plan and put all the players
in the right spot.
Mainly pleasing others and adding more wrinkles
on to my face.
By the end of it, i hope somewhere over the rainbow
would come.
Yikes am i already seriously in the next phase of my life?

strange strange*

Saturday, January 31, 2009

wheel of fortune

its that time of the blinging year,
A new start, a new day ....
Well, i would like to think so.

However with much dissapointment.
It seems as though i am reverted to
a flashback of painful memories.
Filled with rather eye piercing and head
shaking trauma ....

Nevertheless, i pick myself up again with rather optimictic yelps.

Now how do i began to tell a story? ( yes, with a gaze thats going a 360 degree turn)
its 2.49 am in kl, with huddled humid air around me.
I will say i am content with no hassle's of responsability.
This short term triumph as i would like to call my holiday
are short lived as i am slapped back to reality of work work work and no play.

Never do i really get a chance to breathe in the context of melbourne,
Im slaved to little details of work, up in the morning and still up in the morning.
Till i am left with a gaunt face and very disgusting hair.

Anyway, tomorrow my agenda is in a whirl wind.
Hence, the wheel of fortune.
Running about the little errands and also postponing
I would like to for a fair moment, to let loose and hang on a cloud.
Drifting far off to a bit of sleep and jog some refreshed memory
into my little cramped head. The agony, how very scorpio like to
enjoy this painful gesture.

I have a week, before the big day arrives.
Well the second small bit that ends on to a big day.
I am prepped with much padded weight and guzzling
all the malaysian food i can get. I would like to favor
a nice personal pampering session but that will never happen
as i am currently called a crippled.
In malaysian context " Yes, i dont drive" and the very
person i am relying on is dronning me with complaints.
As robert would put it , GET STUFFED!
yes, lovely remarks i have picked over the years in OZ.
Not the usual "Gday Mate" but mostly vulgar ways to express
your feelings.

Despite me being a BUM... i am purely satisfied with doing
nothing. well the house chores and personal errands mostly.
Makes smiles more often in my weary face.

"Another day will come, another wheel will be spun,just waiting on a little bit of luck and chance to come by my way"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

bambino beanie beanie

Time is kickin in,
so is the moment of silence,
Moments of change,
Days like these lay a mark,

I cant believe that it's almost
the month of February.
It is absolutely scary how fast
im getting closer to the date.
Somehow, i am excited.
somehow i am challenged.

Overtaking or part taking in this
Whether right or wrong,
doesnt change my mind about it.
Who knows whether it will flourish
but i do now with the attentive
care and pursuit that we both have.
It will every moment that we have hoped for.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Bang of 2009

Big bang they say about starting a new year.
More like big rush, everything around me is going into
a giant swirl.
Could be a good thing or a bad thing.
I know for sure, i am exhausted.

Im bumping into every corner and slipping , picking myself up
over and over again.
I suppose thats what you learn in the new year.
I didnt have any resolution or any thoughts of compromise when
it struck midnight.
I suppose i was in awe of the giant big screen
chanting the count down.

After that, im back into routine.
I suppose if i had to look back and revise
the wants for 2009.
I would do less work, space to breath, take care of myself,
aim for a good well being, strategize & grab chances.

So, i have a week before getting on the jet plane.
Where im going to have another load of
stress. plus point: Great food & no house chores