Thursday, May 31, 2007

my little brown paper bag

Yes, the day is cold....& im wrapped from head to toe except for me wearing my little
cute shorts around the house.
My mantra is as long as the feet is new page boy look certainly wraps the
top of my head . therefore, im partly warm....

As usual got into my anal mood and cleaned....vacummed even though i should be sleeping
...taking a nap before doing a crazy self engaging conversation with myself in order
to somehow pass my spanish exam....fuckity...fuck! **

my escapade on wed: brought me to pick up my new baby, i was so excited.
like a little kid getting a bunch of lollies....
( sheepish*) i worked real hard for it & took a while to save but it was worth it
Bianca gave me a straw brown colour over the crazy orange i had & she also
gave me yummy apple candy nail polish to go with it.

Today: yes, the exam was ok. I tried my best to speak in spanish...
I obviously need heaps of practice...she asked me a lot about my novio..(bf)
so, i said mi novia gustan jugar el futbal y comen, then i went si mucho!...which literally translates my bf likes to play futbal and eat, a lot! tee hee*

Eyes, falling...slowly but's as if i had my lids pegged down...
but i have 2 more.....sections to now, brown cow?

naughty bits: shrek mnm's and choc pringles....
i need to go to choc anonym. for help! BADLY....

ok, i give up i need some sleep....ZzzZzZZzzzzzz

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ZEBRA-ing through

mood: i feel stuffed, choked & no time for breather's in every possible way.
Uni for an instance is jamming me with drawings every minute i can get any free time....
food, i am constantly stuffing with the crazy hectic schedule, lunch is no longer the usual since
i never have time to eat.
My fav snacks.....are anything sweet! my cheeks are getting so bloated...
My body is aching as usual...but im stocking up on my vitamins....
spanish....just sucks....:)
Plus, my head is too bright...i feel like a walking traffic light so tom
i am getting bianca to tone it down a i can pull of my girly girly frocks....
I look to "garang" im constantly wearing black
just to keep my hair toned down.
however, im so glad im getting my new baby :)
all on my own....hard earned & waits

Sunday, May 27, 2007

jewelled eyed

im back home all snuggled in my corner,
completely starving! so im off and back into the city
to get some dins and uni work done.

The photoshoot was soo much fun,
make up was great and pleasantly from MAC. my fav!
jo gave a little trim here and there + il be able to get the photos!


It was done at north melbourne at the glow studio, how i wish i had
a studio like big...plenty of's just perfect
though i am going to get my hair toned down a little
a bit to orange to match anything that i have in my wardrobe!

body aches from all the funy angles i did, the bending, the staring...
i was a doll for them to manipulate...wish i had smiley photos

Saturday, May 26, 2007

rainbow blues

lately it's all about the weather...first its the sunshine & now i have come on to the "rainbow".
Mood: feeling absolutely stuck in the 60's.. fun fun cute little short dresses,
beautiful lashes...twiggy :)

I just got back from another pamper time from toni & guy
bianca did my hair for the second time & it's this bright orange with black...
i look what she said plus jo gave me a new bowl haircut..
im more happy with it because it's easier to keep up and grow it out

ok run to be up early and in georges by 11 am.

cant wait for the photo shoot

Thursday, May 24, 2007

little miss sunshine

mood: sunny
Where is little miss sunshine was and still is my nickname on msn.
After a long hard day of CAD, i was approached in different ways about
my nickname as soon as i logged in.
There is little miss sunshine who often carries her sunny bright side along with her,
Little miss sunshine as in the nice warm heat that touches our skin,
little miss sunshine in the cartoon character ( i used to own the doona in all the little miss's)
little miss sunshine the movie... how funny it is? to hear and quite pleasant to know the
many different sunshines that i have come across by simply whispering the word.
Im quite perky especially since it's 2 am and i have been up from 10 am doing tech all day!
Ah yes, my crazy cats are at their best to design the whole floor in their wool festival,
plus chloe ate my mona lisa...despite that im pretty happy to huff and puff and be my own
little miss sunshine...just for today...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good old harper's

Since i was up to no good beside's working,
i decided to enlighten myself with a good dose of trends.
Current obsession: makeup, so im back to getting a good set of palettes
to create the every look i want...
list includes:
good blush in bronze too
some nice golds from mac
good set of brushes from napolean recommended by a make up artist
some nice nudies for my lippy
adopting looks that catches my roving eye ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

comfort of a blanket

the train ride surprise: climbing lego man on a building...haha that's how i see it....

getting sugar high..eyes getting all cookieee....and squirmy...i love chocolate

friday: a day filled with rain yet we snuggled quite well in our accompanied me to fetch my rings from we went all the way to clifton hilland i managed to show her the puplic display of melbourne's art scene...there's always a pocket surprise in any corner. Then a downpour we scooteed of for some good old fashion chocolate at koko black. Intoduced her to a truffle and the chocolate mousse martini . she had her affogato which looked stunning. We picked up our matching jackets that we placed on lay by..realized there's no hoodie to it? haha but it's still gorgeous all the same. Met up with a.wyn & the kids for spiderman 3.

:( , because harry dies...but why? he was all yummy

:) stuffed myself with popcorn...ok duty calls , cleaned the kitchen and quarter of the living..


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

tingly wigly photoshoot

dear diary,
today was a chilly & surreal day for me. I was encountered with goosebumps and cold blows...
I got up early in the morning to try and do some tech and headed of to do some errands
before i took the train. I finally met up with teneille and we went straight to nmit. It was
a beautiful campus and filled with nice gardens. Soon after she told me it was a special hospital
that held people with contagious diseases...hahaha*So that was the start of my creepy day!

Make up (lauren): god, she made me looks so pale and purplelishly sickk....ah yes
teneille & assistant : had their wonderful equipments
dresses: savers..

We made a quick drive to como house. I was pleasantly surprise at how big it was,
The sweet old man greeted us and we took the first shot upstairs....under the bed.
the only room i thought that had some warmth in it, (youngest daughter's room),
2nd shot, was in the toilet i was so creeped out cause i had to be in it with my hair
on it....smelled somehow detol-ish and op shop ish....:(
3rd was in the hallway with creppy alabama music playing....
4th another hallway pic of me in the wedding dress like gown....
5th from the short stairs...
6th sitting on the main stairs....
7th me in the safe? i didnt like was uncomfortable in the morning room .....

finally done...:) we headed for a quick bite and the cafe & i scrubbed my face clean...
then it began,
the waitress told us about the straneg things that go bump in the house and also
how it is one of the most haunted houses....i was like great, i just layed all over their
furniture....geezz* i hope i was forgiven. They also spoke of a little girl...hrmmm
dont want to check her out because i might have images in my head!

conclusion of the day: no more creepy shots....more research.....& i had to wait till the end of the night for a showeerrrr.....ewwwwww....:( but had fun with the girls...cant wait for the photos

my monday surprise

this is us now , this bella gave me a last minute ring to say she was dropping by and i was so estatic. After uni, i took a slow walk up to hilton...oh wait ajie dropped me half way...haha
Destination: cookie bar...
drinks: sex on the beach & a yummy mojito ( my official fav drink)
snack: yummy shoe string fries & chicken drummette lime & garlic....
it's always good to have a good friend on your shoulder. so that was a a very pleasant surprise!
oohhh and she also managed to sneak in some sinful pleasure's..thanks darling!
loveee youu, all we need now is nass

i haven't had time yet to upload some of the photos that i managed to steal from van of our trip to zouk out last year so here are some of them.We had such a blast and they were the best host ever..
**love them**
man, missing my long hair now... :( haha

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sat: play night: huit femmes

me and kat caught huit femmes (sarah's play)and it was all last minute at melb central...

I missed the first half of it , thanks to ying thai's long wait for our food....

Then i joined kat to watch the lovely play of 8 women in the house, who

among them murdered a man....

Sarah was very expressive and played her role well as catherine.

the youngest daughter, it was remake of a cluedo-ish french film...

loved every minute of it. had yummy choc cake too....

it was directed by a japanese lady (miki oikawa)& it came along with subtitles too...hehe

s & n party: friday

sheira's and najwa's bday
theme: s & n
moi: spanish matador
ajie: scout boy
li: superstar & two time winning oscar