Friday, June 27, 2008


show has been great! 5 more to go and im a free woman!

though i will miss doing rehearsals and the cast. :)

info on the show just go to

Besides that, im pullling my hair on future engagement plans...everyone is stressing me out but i guess this the reality that sometimes it doesnt come down to your own plans but others...and sometimes i dont think people realize that we need to be rational with things. I will repeat both of us need to finish our studies before actually finalizing any wedding plans

Woooo SAHHHHH!!!......

Monday, June 23, 2008

all it takes is a second

Ajie did it, we're both engaged. I have nothing else to say but it was lovely to have good friends and family there.Thanks guys for coming, couldnt have wished for anything better than this...we are offcourse missing one last important person "li bee"

photo of my beautiful ring is taken by balqies :)

" i appreciate the fact syg saved up & bought the ring with his own money, love you"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

to war with myself

Something made me wikipedia her today. Have been arguing with others that Cate is actually aussie. So, finally after a long time of procrastinating. I found out clips of her life. Funnily enough, i struck familiarity with her upbringing.

Here goes:
Blanchett was born in Ivanhoe, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of June, an Australian property developer and teacher, and Robert "Bob" Blanchett, a Texas-born United States Navy Petty Officer who met Blanchett's mother while stationed in Melbourne and who later worked as an advertising executive.[4][5] When Blanchett was 10, she lost her father to a heart attack. She has described herself during childhood as "part extrovert, part wallflower".[6] She has two siblings; her older brother, Bob, is a computer systems engineer, and her younger sister, Genevieve, worked as a theatrical designer and received her Bachelor of Design in Architecture in April 2008.[6]

Just keywords off course. Reflection is a part of what i do sometimes. To reflect on others is to learn more of the present.

Monday, June 16, 2008

big plans

remember when you were little when little secrets were hard to keep?
Well im having those moments, cringing & wanting to literally spill.
Spill from having to look at me, reading my facial expressions & what i have to tell you.
I have a little box, & in that box it might just release a beautiful flower or it could be pandora's box.We would just have to wait and see patiently,...waiting for a sign of relief
It will be today (4 hours), tom (24 hours) , the next day ( 20 hours) ... = 48 hours
to be back in bliss.
This to me feels like eternity and for once i am admitting so.
What am i hoping for? for a smooth transition, for a smooth sailing ride , for a moment to smile & laugh, a moment where i could enjoy, a moment where everyone & everything is in place.
mmmmmm....smells some dinner....curry.....
snapping * back to reality. I am loaded by work & running out of time till the show starts.
EEeeep.....Till next wednesday :) & i still havent worked out my dance routines.
Im so hopelessly old in the dance scene or i am just plain forgetful.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

werner's bug

i know....crazzy.....another werners stop. Hahaha that place is getting rather addictive.
it's the atmosphere, the familiar faces and the open space..
No one is sweating & getting all grumpy....
Another week has passed, i need to wipe off my dark cloud. Just waiting, i know in a week.
I will see some sense into things. I know that im out every week for a peace of mind behind the chaotic strangers u meet.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

filling the tin can

mood---> thumping headache

what fills the stomach--->overdose of homemade soup & a banana

wants---> badly to sleep, and cough* have a shower..hahah
nap first ;) ...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

going by a blink

Currently reading: jane fonda,
time: surprisingly longer than usual, not even half way through the book yet with harry i finished it within the day. I guess with work, i hardly have time to even have a day of leisure. Today i have been grated such time, im just exhausted. Truly am.....
I havent even had time to sleep , let alone visit anyone....

Over the last weekend though, i managed to catch up with lovely shauna. Hopefully , get to
see her again before she goes of. What an eventful night, cough* from annoying attention
& the down pouring rain. We literally got soaked....:)

My heartful agenda: waiting for ajie to be back, missed him a lot, still am. He's been busy at work as i have been with mine. Hopefully he's crit went well. I think this parting which strangely happens frequently in our relationship has taken its toll. Feels harder to deal with in time & i think rather than feel estrange as the relationship takes a 5 year mark. It has been rather comical to find that it has gone the total opposite. In the course of it all, it seems that whispering of gossips float around wanting to break that innocent bond we have with each other. I am quite surprised we lasted this long, did not anticipate it. I always chuckle* to say that "we" have probably lasted more than marriages at this present time, long gone were the days of our grandparents.Having toast to 50th golden weddings.

Eye opener:

Relationships are not just based on love but to me, its a chart of different kinds of love. Firstly, the love you have for each other. You know physical & lust. The initial attraction.Then you have respect, which is the kind of love family gets. Thirdly, you have love whereby you have passion of wanting the same ideals and goals in life. That is hard to find because sometimes. Actually, all the time you never meet a partner who's willing to overlook and agree with the same views.Some are closed minded and old fashioned, Others overbearing and controlling. So in turn, what you're looking for is a best friend. Like any gf we have, willing to listen. Compromise & grow with each other. I mean, ajie and i. We dont know each others favourites but i dont think that qualifies us imperfect. Rather we focus on the more important things is life, what we both can bring together as we unite into the current & future.Like business partners? Along the way, we suffer, along the way, we fight but at the end of the day. The puzzle becomes a picture. That we are still together. People wonder about dangerous liasons, venturing out but i think it comes down to you. Every person u meet will tell a different story, if the story you already have is good. I suppose why change it, we only live once and events are due to happen as i have already lived through 24 yrs of it which includes nurmerous heartaches & burns. I think i can handle a little more.

Through the dips & lowest point i have been. My relationship seems to spark it off to a new level of hope. I may not have the smoothest ride on the road but i think if my heart is mended to a beautiful simplicity and that I am happy. I should be thankful for having found someone who's
meaningful enough for me to spend my life with.

cant wait for you to get back.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

hitting merry

weekends are slowly turning into stress free modes

with access to fun fun fun...

im ticking off till my baby gets back, miss him so much...

comfort & just being with my own personal bestie...

just till the 17th

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

im over it

im over, expressing myself....
im over feeling angry or sad
im over it...
i just feel emotionless....

Monday, June 02, 2008

my white weekend

it was a good weekend, non hectic.
chilled with lots of eating and rethinking about the past
like an old record player. All in a good way
the best was being in the same bubble
as we all were back in the days.
Us four reshot pictures together :) as taken
before at red chambers and the after in the present.hrmmm must get a hand on the before.
i love wearing white....though i could never go without staning it...shesh*
glad , going to have lunch with them tom. yeay :)