Friday, December 29, 2006

potentially single

mood: gutted, from having major eye strains. not to mention a funny numb sensation all over my body.

Tonight, the agenda was to paint the town red with my girlfriends but unfortunately due to this pain and having no skills at all in driving. i would probably have to cut short of my girly affairs to 9pm when pop is done with work. God, am i getting old and boring! Plus i do need to recuperate for more energy* on sunday night.

Ah yes, i am starting to miss ajie.hahaha* and its only been 2 days. I guess being with someone for 3 plus years does make you both joined to the hip.due to the "empty nest" prone to making boring remodelling of my 3d's a little swan lake action from my folio

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

some old fond memories of 2006

Mood: absolutely knackered from a hectic boozing weekend, that's it my poor tummy cant take anymore. body is taking the kill from my outings, in need of just pure slumber*which i can dream on about

well, after my surfing. i decided to check my gmail account and as i looked closely. i actually have not checked an e-mail from jo. shesh* it's backdated and it contained here it is to a fun party i had at jo's on his 21st with the theme masquerade 2006. Strangely new years is coming and it would be odd not to celebrate with ajie. he's off to bali and well im off to party to kl with mandy baby if she doesnt bail out on me. I guess it isnt idealistic to think every special moment is reserved for your significant others, still have family and friends :)

countdown: 4 days to go, 95 hours and 5760 minutes......

erk* have nothing to wear

The need to sit

here's a bunch of beautiful designs by Jurgen Mayer, what lovely chairs and techniques. I guess the power of design is endless.the floral designed chairs are made by glass mosaic & polyurethane foam,1st year of production was in 2004. While the heat seat pads are just made of heat sensitive surfaces. how cool is that? il do them naked...hahahaha

now, look at how cute this lasercut design is in the glass cube. i have one of an angel given as a christmas present! a better way of preserving your ideas

Friday, December 15, 2006

design power

As a surprise treat from my e-mail, it is announced that Zaha Hadid's new project is coming to town. Admire this architect for being a woman and standing her ground within the "macho" society that seems to surface in the design world. Pierres Vives building of the Department of Herault in Montpellier has a " Zaha Hadid" feel, like in all her works she incorporates a fluid movement within her designs despite the scale of the project.

*feast your hungry eyes on this :)

Another piece of art, which i always wondered about is this huge reflective bean called the "cloud gate". Two nights ago, after watching 5 takes to the USA.I finally found that the art piece is situated right in Chicago, seems like the perfect spot. This cute bean reflects and embodies the movement of the city.Ironically it looks like our daily kitchen with ants except here a congregation of human bodies are attracted to this piece of sculpture. Would love to imagine myself under that blob of mass. Artist, Anish Kapoor Where, Millenium Park, Completion, summer 2005

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

a line of apples

* i am quite excited to say that this maybe my first line of "neckwear"*

production: start of 2007

journey down south

mood: slightly grumpy from right hand's numb and annoying

it's been a while since i placed a proper entry. thought today could be the day where i felt like blogging.
so, im off to singapore on friday morning, taking a bus since driving is just to expensive and tedious
while flying is to silly. it's just 5 hours away. feeling a jolt of excitement, it's really been a while since
ive been there like properly, the last i remember was playing strip poker (children's way) with kyun,kyanti,kaby and ain...hahaha* i was prob 14teen and the last i went shopping was with my dearest papa :)(8 yrs old)

plus, will be staying at vanessa's and jo's. im guessing this 4 days will be filled with happy snapping
& just chilled out time ( i hope) hahaha...*

did some photoshop for tante sue

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back into the 70's

* here's a little tribute to some of the photo's that belong back to the hippy loving days*

Friday, December 01, 2006