Thursday, May 29, 2008

work hard & play hard

pictures courtesy of wallpaper offcourse ( archi + fashion = hot)
questions crossing my head---?
I managed to push myself through grueling pain ( flu + fever )
in order to be at work despite the fact that i have temporarily lost sense
of smell and hearing.
:) does that mean i am growing up? hahaha
in terms of work offcourse. Actually with work at Dinkums & Gelati
despite having numerous accounts of migraines . I still attended.
So, perhaps in the work force ( i will be professionally working in years to come)
i have matured. Maybe i will look for a part timejob in a firm in melbourne, rather
than the non related jobs i have had in the past.Time to get crunching!
I want to finish by next year.

interesting notes*
1. learned to approach clients in malaysia
2. feeling to push work time and more to over time
3. Learning to use programs extensively
4. Having a feel of other peoples experience.
5. Learning mostly & direct contact with the architects
6. Doing different kinds of panels.

Im pretty sure now, this is what i am going to do & will continue
to touch on the design aspect of things. I will venture out in
fashion without a doubt, im think of doing interior actually too.
It doesnt make sense to only have one skill when man had plenty in the past.
They were inventors, architects, were farming, making craft & etc..
So, we do have a long line of capabilities. Its whether you would like
to squeeze it out or not.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

help, i have lost my parrot

"A missing parrot has been returned to his keeper after reciting his full name and address to a concerned vet. "
Police rescued
Yosuke the African Grey Parrot from a rooftop in the Japanese city of Nagareyama over two weeks ago. He spent one night at the police station before local cop Shinjiro Uemura transferred him to a nearby veterinary hospital while he looked for clues.
After a few days, Yosuke began chatting with the vet, repeatedly announcing “I’m Yosuke Nakamura”. The parrot then provided his home address down to the street number and even entertained the hospital staff by singing songs.
Police contacted the address and sure enough, its resident was delighted to hear his missing pet bird was safely found. The
Nakamura family told police they had been teaching the bird its name and address for about two years.
But Yosuke apparently wasn't keen on opening up to police officials. "I tried to be friendly and talked to him, but he completely ignored me," Uemura said.

gn: I am going to type my conversation
syg: stop typing! can i get your attention
gn: no i want to blog!
syg: urghhhh...ok!
gn: we havent written to each other in a while, how do we make it different?
syg: keep sending you snail mail.
conclusion---> sweet notes in exchange for nice messages.
syg: i save ur messages
gn: u dont save them!
bickering & excuses.......
gn: i love u, do u miss me?
syg: too much
jiwang talk...i want o be back home where i can fold clothes, clean the house, eat choc, hug my cats to death & snuggle next to you
i wouldnt mind going for a drive for coffee , it's been a while.
syg: u dont drink coffee?
gn: thats an excuse...
syg: max brenner
i chimed in cinnamon babka with extra choc dip

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

step into the real world

am i beaming? am i seriously smiling? am i sad? am i truly aching?
I know that i can be an actress at times. Not to you, not around people but to myself.
Sometimes, i deny my own self the need to be truthful...sometimes i smile so that you
would be happy & pretend to be content when im really not.
Thats the beauty of expression & the many faces.
Work was interesting, it was nice to be put out there.
I was rather frightened to be honest but i think we all get a little
scared when we are left out on our own.
So, now im going to be working full time in W for 2 months.
The only hard thing is the travelling..nothing else.
surprisingly, im enjoying it. Enjoying not being a bum.haha
Knowledge---> feasibility study, now i can put a price on a building :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Accomplished a lot of things today which in turn puts a smile to my face,
flashback*---> havent done that in a while,well from manila offcourse
Got up on time and early for the driving exam.
Made sure i went through the whole book and every silly mistake i made to understand more about driving.

I found myself in a little bubble, well besides sweating like pig in the heat& slowly falling off to sleep. We all sat in silence during the ride.

:) a very fancy van that was..cough*, anyhow we ended up somewhere away in shah alam . Ironically close to home, silly how i had to get pop to drop me all the way to pj to come back to shah alam again.

anywayyyy..i passed the exam!! yeay!! im halfway through to having
a skill in my life :) i managed to score 46/50 which i thought wasnt too bad at all.

i headed straight away to book in my last lecture on saturday then
all i have to do is to sit for another 3 hrs with an instructor for basic driving and then to proper driving lessons for 12 hrs.
After having a cheary moment: hopped on to a cab
rushed off to pyramid thinking i could head in for a colour appointment extra early.Ended up having to wait till 2pm , students do need to eat. So, i couldnt argue to that.

Somehow managed to kill time nicely with some reading and lunch.sushi* yummmm....
Hair moment no???? like i said i have a hair identity crisis.
I love changing hairstyles like clothes.
I decided on having highlights & doing the full colour myself.
after about a good solid 3 hours, i was pretty impressed.
he did a wonderful job :) im glad i managed to squeeze that in today

Got kuya(thank you!)to get me back home & he taught me how to drive.
Hehehe so i drove home well from the round about to home
with some streering help. All i need to do is to CALM DOWN & be confident :)
i think i can do it.

OH yes, i need my contacts. im pretty paranoid about being
blind on the road and anywhere actually.
Plus, that would help with rehearsals too...

Another item done is Nassy's book: Wonderful Today by Pattie Boyd
married to george from the beatles & eric clapton.
beautiful book , beautiful pictures, inspires me again with my photo's.
Compelling life full of unknowing events.
Def a great read! thanks sweetie :)
check more great photo's on her website.

it makes me think? what sort of relationships would turn out for each and every one of us?
soul mates or crazy lusty love/passion?
How do we truly decide who is right for us?
Looking at closer precedent, everyone falls into that well....of mistakes
women turning into scorned lovers & men tripping over young ones.
I just hope that it turns out well, where i meet my bestfriend & love at the same time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

feeling lost at sea

blobbling over water...blobbling over a whole mess of things.
This clearly indicates my need for fresh air and in the need to get back home,

what shits me-->

the weather, i hate wanting to have a shower after a shower,
the stupid unfriendly public transport that is full of danger,
the hassle of learning how to drive, why cant it be easier,
my own sweet money, i miss earning my own dosh,
i hate monging....

* totally venting out on things. i need to chill
yesterday was nice though, a touch of family is nice

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

miss homebody

Staring blankly at the plain canvas thats sits in front of me.
What comes forward as a subject today, I have managed
to organize myself better i suppose.
Writing delayed e-mails meant for yonks ago, jotted down important dates
so i dont forget them and clash them with others.
Started to put things in the right folders. Mini chores that i didnt realize that had to be done.

next jump---> Labelling & designing my necklaces.
Tidying my ever growing wardrobe that sits in my suitcase
so, sad. i dont seem to have a placement in this house.
I now sit in my little square cubic room , quite content actually...

todays push---? Cough* still havent opened the undang undang book...
Continue designing my logo
Call in the archi's.......
Work out my outfit for tom so that i wont die in the heat
i hate wearing a shirt and long pants in kl,especially if im being exposed in the
sun. Not cool to look sweaty.....
better add credit to my phone so i wont be bored tom and nass's pattie boyd's
water......bottled water......

Back to being a homebody, maybe in between i will slip in one of my many pinoy dvd's to watch.

tee hee* still in my pj's .

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

lining off the clouds

(comic moment in manila:i wish we all had driving schools like that)

Realization---> Frankly, i get over things quite easily. Somehow this seems as though i have been possessed with multiple personalities. Crazy raving women hormones as one could put it. Certainly not PMS? but with similar symptoms which range from being emotional and volatile in the first few hours in the day to feeling quite nothing in the next day. Almost as though it never happened. I know, it can be frustrating especially to poor dear ajie who has to listen to my rants and torments which are clearly kept at bay in front of others. Should i call that hypocritical , i dont think so. I just choose wisely and carefully on whom deserves the lucky call of my tornadic (hehe, clearly a word i made up, could be in the dictionary? have no time to check now) howls.

I do rant occasionally to my fellow best buddies sweet naturedly offcourse , after all they are taking their time to listen.

Being a scorpio, i must be secretive. This blog alone is a little chamber of let loose secrets, circling around to strangers i wont meet, to friends who may check in once in a while and family members who peep to see what im up to. That somehow doesnt intimidate me as much as to gush out in real life and on the spot. phew* i sound like a hermit

However , im feeling much better today. Better than yesterday and have slightly rubbed on some sunshine on my shoulder. Maybe i was questioning too much, so what i will do from today is just to run my life the way i have projected it. Little bumps, busy busy & patience along the way.

wink* ---> finally booked in my com exam for thursday morning & hopefully the last lecture this saturday. Im sick of hanging around & i just need to drive...

Monday, May 12, 2008

moderately dispositioned

mood: currently feeling unsatisfied with the time line of things.

2 months left, 2 months left to bring out a folio, submit design ideas,start my jewellery line, rehearse for a show, sort out my driving, arrange my visa back to melbourne and hopefully not to go insanely mad at the process. hopefully praying that things would finally fall into place, i miss sanity, i miss peace.....

to be honest, im fried. thats why i worked hard so that i could take those two trips

off to my own version of never never land. Far aware from the complications of problems,

the familiar faces that i do not want to see. Im not quite sure, whether it worked affectively
for me. Whether a week in thailand changed my perception but i do know that the 2 weeks in manila brought sweet memories that projected me back into my childhood. Great grounds of love from my mums side.I will never complain of the crazy traffic on the road let alone in the shopping malls,the pollution that stains the buildings, the honks of jeepneys, the short rides on the tricycles, neither will i nag about the crazy american food chains that splatter themselves all over manila. It is my home,part of me that no one can take away. Somehow, when i was little i used to wonder whythe malaysian side of me would cease to approve of me visiting? isnt it my right to have part of me discover where my mother comes from. It hurt deeply knowing that i should even be denied access of visiting. But im glad im much older & for now i clearly do not give a rats ass about other people's thoughts and views on where i should go. I have always fended for my own trips and payed for it.

"na mahal na mahal ang family si nanay ko". I love my mum's side of the family dearly.

they have always been supportive. Even though, i didnt get to see them much.My grandma "mummy" is a doll, she's so affectionate and sweet natured. My grandpa though a slight hitler touch to him was such a lovely person. He's handsome smiles and talks i wont forget. Slightly cheeky and makes the funniest comments. My aunties and uncles, all so giving and supporting of all our decisions and ideas. It must have been a great ensemble when they were all together. It makes me wonder what life would be for me if i did live in the philippines with them. Secretly, i think it would have been interesting

But as much as i could dream of being away in far places where some events didnt happen.
I guess i should remain patient with what the plate has. My triumphs could be shortly change into joys, my wounds could heal, my eyes & thoughts could open to greater visions. Another note i took in from this time of relief is my clipping hands on the keyboard has started. So, that is a positive note to write more often, to lay tracks of history down my path.