Thursday, March 29, 2007

it's going to be a fast ride

Im so excited about getting my new cam!
1.i finally get to take photo's of whats around me
2.get my photos sorted out for my site visits
3.taking photos of my models. folio will be up to date.
4.continuing my passion in photography but in a
smaller scale, i would like to grasp the skills of
taking photos with a simple camera ;) but my baby nikon
will still be there.
plus li's coming to town well she's arriving tom in crazy is that in a months
time she'll be with me in melbourne...:)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

it didnt get printed...stupid printers...

another week

Another day has passed and class is tomorrow
which means another sleepless night for me here.

It's hard to concentrate on the screen, my eyes all wonky
and im just not in the mood.

1.we still do not have internet migraine is still there
3.i might not be able to pesan a camera
4.melb has had strange weathers
5.i am constantly hungry
6.i need to find a job
and the list goes on.....

hrmmm...wouldnt mind a yummy fill of gelati down at lygon....
hehe* even though i shouldnt have chocolate

Thursday, March 22, 2007

the BIG B

it was a tight arse tuesday, 2 days ago so me and ajie went down for
a spontaneous hit to catch a flick. Picked out Bobby and it was worth every $9bux
i paid for. Even managed to bump into my tutor for design who was watching
something about coppers in brit which he says was worth catching.
Ok, im not always this nerdy but i am actually still in Uni even after classes
and the clock is slowly ticking to 11.00, well in 7 mins to be precise.
I have loads of work to do,to catch up on as well as a mini test on
Spanish....i hate doing the grammatical side to hoo*

Back, on my review on Bobby. What caught us were the big time actor's
on it. There had to be atlest 12 of them including a very stoned out Ashton
which was hilarious. The movie actually raised a patriotic personality in me, I may
not be American but the message sent out by Robert, F Kennedy
was indeed for human kind and adaptable in any context relating to the current situation in the world right now. He raised topics on Coming together and working
together to make a better place. Issues of racism, the actual clips where he was around people of all races giving him cheers, respect and love gave me goose bumps.
People admired him, and the other 12 dif characters gave a a story that in the
end all tied in. It's amazing the sense of sensitivity you can get or how
emotionally connected you can feel for others. Even, if they are strangers,
it's a charm most people arent given " the ability to connect".
ahaha, some may not aggree and say that its a politicians job
but in the romantic side of things, it seemed to be a period
where money wasnt the biggest evil, people were learning to listen and
cared more. Let's hope there will be a bigger picture for us and the future.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

down the drain

i had the worst moment in my life, in my greedy attempt to hunt for oysters i somehow
gotten myself into a severe case of food poisoning. The only good part about it was that
it wasnt the blues of locking myself in the toilet but it was a hell of a lot of chucking.

i chucked 4x times.... from 12-4 actually.
made 2 tries with medicines but that got chucked out
even water wasnt accepted. so i suffered, held myself together
and managed to sleep through. I was so dissapointed that i had
to make a last minute pull out on work.sigh*

meal of the day = nothing exciting
1. 3 slices of toast
3.a small bottle of 7up and water.....

no more...oysters for me

Friday, March 09, 2007

bonito friday

yo me llamos Giana,
jo tengo vientitres anos,
mi zapatos son negros,
yo tengo el pelo negros y rojo,
mi familia de malaysia y filipinas. humble approach to describe myself in spanish.
Its great to think some words could relate directly to tagalog like
gaupo = handsome, pantalones = pants, monday= lunez

so, muchos gracias my nino & ninas

Thursday, March 08, 2007

crazy signs taking over

mood: to rule the world, more like to sing some snoozes out...

i noticed i seem to talk about sleep all the time, yes i am one
of those people who constantly obsessed about beauty rest, sleep
11 hours every night to have a normal day. I would swap any day for
a 5 hour sleep and a little bit more energy. I am a little weakling. hah*

im still on my way to finish up my eidetic map, looks all right to my
eyes but i am not to sure whether it has the proper information needed on it.
It's rather cartoonic and silly but i think it might get some sort of idea through
the class. Okay it's 4.30pm ive been sitting here since 2.55pm....haha not bad
ive got an 1 and half hours to go.

thank god it's friday tomorrow, im a bit sluggish about getting up for a 9.30 am
class and a lecture right after about the BCA. i have loads of work for tech 5...
the joy of construction and the technical side to archi.

hrmmm..i have the whole weekend to myself *nice...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

peeping over

im a little mood to scoot and babble. I am amazingly in the lab with my bubba hoping to be absolutely glued on
for work but you know i am in a mood for a 15 min "lazying around". Then , il start right on my eidetic site map which
i am very keen in doing.

Beautiful moments
1.the no fuss no stress attitude i've kept since i have been back
2.loving every minute of uni
3.making the home a home
4.getting an absolutely beautiful cut by jo, my idea but her beautiful hands did the work
5.a great dye job from brianna. baby dali has turn maternal to chloe
7. lily is back had a great time at the sydney st music festival..with her fam...
8.james morrisson is coming to town LIKE sorry i am in love with him
9. counting down till lia comes...i miss her
10. thanking god and the people around who love me for what i have :)

i cant think of any blue moments....bliss*love being back home.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

the return of the uncanny

mood: irritable.....starving and having shivers down my spine

I have managed to "plonk" myself into the university library. It's funny to think that i am actually here because the last time i was here would probably be in my 1st year of archi.
so, that itself puts me in the uncanny....very strange

it's been so busy busy , time is passing by like nobody's business....
and i still havent settled in with my things. I swear i must have a whole
collection of junk. Day in day out, i keep throwing out things but i dont
seem to find it reducing in size. Truly, i love to collect and i harbour " treasure's" my eyes offcourse.

my legs are aching to, from the much needed walk that was absent during my lovely
5 month stay back home in kl. I am reduced to a walking stick, there goes my ability
to carry heavy plates...let alone try to shift furniture around. I also have added a new
found family member into my house, a replica of dali except a tabby...and her name is
chloe....who is absolutely 5 yrs old in human age. So restless and naughty, god i dont think
i can bear to have kids, it will drive me insane

It seems as though, putting my education on hold has actually changed a lot in my
eyes. The people i meet go through transformations, familiar spots are no longer
homely and the city itself breathes out a different vibe. So, i am back to where i started
beginning something new that really isnt.

* time to toodles, i need some form of carbs, protein and fat in my system and perhaps
another session if endless cleaning. oo yeah, i have spanish tom ;)