Saturday, September 30, 2006

Doughnuts taking over the world!?!??@?*&?!

Attack of the sweet tooth

Whats up with women & their need to feed themselves sugar either when their emotions are at their peak or down right in the shits*

While men, in all their macho sense put their frustrations towards strength. So their more likely to look toned & hot after a steamy bad break-up and us wonderful ladies as fat lards. hahaha* funny funny.

Right now, mood swings are attacking my system & right down to my rumbling tummy. Due to the fasting month, i have been stuffing myself with the evils: choc, ice cream, sweets & my fav sticky date pudding.

However, i have found that my capacity of filling myself up has gone down my head goes, "come on, you can do more than that" while my tummy goes, "stop i cant even take water in". Clearly how do u fight this devil? I would say i would go more with my heart...more like greed.

So, let me introduce the sensation that has hit melbournians( hehe i reckon more like the asians),


finaly, landed into the city. Being a smart ass, hehe i bought a box right after work which was right after the final footie game. The streets were deserted, no trammies to catch me . Plus as soon as i reach the place, i got a box within a min. How fantastic was that? beats having to drive out to Fountain Gate, shesh* what a waste of time & petrol. Had the yummy doughnuts for buka, however i could only shove 2 tonight & i reckon the rest would go down ajie's tummy.(mind u they pack a dozen in) This time around there were puffier & fatter .....i didnt get the same kick i did the last time.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sexy Vixen from the past

I was just busy laughing as i was watching through Barbarella.
Had always been curious about it and after much stops at video easy, i thought why not pop in a classic & highly recommended movie(labelled on it).

So, here we go. The movie is based on Jane Fonda (barbarella) , who is the Queen of the Galaxy. A remake of a comic and since it was done by a french man it involves a lot of love making.It's like a mix of Samantha (sex and the city) and Wonder woman. She does have some bimbotic side to her at times & amazingly pulls of such an ooze of sexkitten in her.

What i love love about barbarella: she's hot, has great hair , shiny costumes, hot angel
guy who's blind, cheesy plastic spaceships, great utopian ideas, everyones beautiful there besides duran duran, president of the world & prof. ping.(hahaha),crystal rooms & the acting, just the awful yet cool furry 70's.

here are the new age queens of the galaxy

Film Day & Cheap Mondays

Friends With Money.

Mood: Absolutely numb from having a big dinner & fasting for ramadhan (body still getting used to it or my tummy is atleast).

Whereabouts: Nova on Lygon, Fruit shop & the bakery

Desire: lemon grass stalks, dates, spices, sticky date pudding & brownie.

----> Menu: tempura marinara, lemongrass chicken(vietnamese), asparagus & bok choy on oyster sauce, some some of pasta based vege soup, curry from lastnight.( yes i am very full! ).

---> back to the review of the movie

it's about 4 girlfriends(the rich housewife,script writer,the housekeeper & the fashion designer). and their friendship,. Among the women Jennifer Aniston is the only who isnt married or well to do. So she takes a job as a maid since she couldnt cope with her teaching job. Somehow she seems to be the main concern in the show since she's struggling more compared to her girlfriends.Through the movie, their life goes through the common problems that we all face marriage, dating, money & accepting ourselves. However it was so wonderfully done that even ajie enjoyed it. It was just so pleasant. Im glad i came out on this unplanned movie trip and being a tight arse to watch on cheap $5 mondays! ps: not a chic flick after all. ********* 5/5 stars

Sunday, September 24, 2006

perfect picture in depicting the comical side to picasso
what i manged to peek in the exhibition, picasso as the minotaur

Dora Maar. Man Ray

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A day With Picasso & Dora Maar

picasso the comic, picasso in despair, picasso in anguish, picasso in love & mesmerized by Dora

Mood: pretty happy & feeling lucky.

Day: Another day of arts, this time with the ultimate Picasso & Dora Maar

Venue: NGV, Aug- Sept 2006

It was just so crowded to be in that space especially when you are trying to appreciate the work of an artist. I have not been a fan of picasso nor do i disgust it.hahaha but I am intrigue by it.
The etchings speak of emotional frustration through the hard lines, through the scrappings, through repetitions of his strokes. I couldnt stop myself as i admire how one simple coloured pencil drawing (for example)looks as if it was done on paint. I really really did enjoy the exhibition.

The photos in which picasso first fell in love, Man Ray

As for Dora maar, I was just captivated by her pictures. She is truly a beautiful woman & no wonder a lover to picasso. She had a way with her composition, so dark & so much story beneath the layers. They must have had an intense relationship as she had kept many reminders / memories in her apartment of Picasso when she died at the age of 90. Can you imagine she was still alive in 1997, damn i wished i knew my art then.:)it's strange to know that someone so iconic was alive in my time.


-----> See, not everyone turns into a beauty immediately...Here's an interesting photo of Moss before she hit em big.

Top Shop for a Top Model

kate moss , effortlessly cool
I suppose some us can be lucky enough to create a sensation, she just struts her stuff & it goes all crazy with the camera's. So here she is the next muse for Top Shop. She doesnt even have any design experience but i think with the amount of time she has been in the fashion world, she wouldnt quite need it.

and offcourse with all these photo's we all know why everyone wants a piece of her.


Father of all ballet shoes, He still makes the shoes by an Inside and out Technique which was commonly done or the standard of production in the 1870's.

Currently if im not mistaken 40 % of the shoes distributed around the world is made by Freed's company.

-----> Every ballerina sticks to their own maker in their dance career lifetime.

teedum,tedledee....wish i was in London to watch the English National Ballet since i have a current obsession for Alice In Wonderland. Yeap showing in the month of October....:) the Nutcracker looks good to.

happy happy went to the aurthur dance school, had a taste of rhythm for brandon & yk, yeay and it seems like they enjoyed it. However they were very persistent about us joining the school. did a lil mambo, swing,ramba,fox trot & waltz

Thursday, September 21, 2006

finally photo's loaded, shesh****

Looking overwhelmed.....chocolate must be coming out of my ears....hehehe*

my "Guide"

so, I managed to break into my $30 dollar budget for the day. Wanted to test & see whether i will be able to get my moneys worth:

1. Tempura prawns & vegetables = $ 12.00

green tea = $ 1.50

cute porcelain kitty = $ 5.00

Gift Cards ($1.80 each x 3) = $ 5.40

Skull pen( borders stopover)= $ 3.90

yeay! total spent :) oh yeah before i forget my chocolate escapade

Truffle = $ 1.80

Chocolate bark & pringles = $ 3.80

Finally total spent (ka ching!)= $33.40 whoops oh well, atleast it's between the borderlines of $30 then over...

5. Well after a boring wait, I just had to have something to eat. So by the lonely open corner i had something to eat at edoyah. Yum...... tempura prawns and veggies on rice.

6. Ok finally a start of my adventure, i took out the first card & it was douglas & hope in the block arcade. When i was doing my mapping, i just couldnt believe the location. I must have been past the area a billion times and it was strange how i never took a turning to the right. What a dickhead?!?? hahaha..... So, i went into a cute toyshop first as there was a "Be back soon" sign on the door. Bought myself a cute porcelain kitty.

Douglas & hope, Appeared on vogue living. Had a range of different designers & pretty house things. Since it wasnt a shopping trip . Purchased some arty gift cards.

7.Next stop was Alice Euphemia, been there done it. The shop had mostly edgy fashion and great porcelain pendants up for grabs. On the way i couldnt resist the stairs up to Retrostar Vintage Clothing. There was a cute belt that caught my attention but other than that nothing special.

8.By this time i AM TIRED, still have my exhibition at the sofitel of the old stars...after a short & a tram invading tram ride. The exhibition wasnt a wow factor & badly arranged....:(

9.Was my time for self pampering, booked in an appointment with Jo for a haircut at Toni & GUY...however not to sure what i want....Along the way, admired the Eco building. Yeap works like the epidermis of our skin. Green green all the way!

10.Found the hidden chocolate parlour that sheena's brother was talking about. Situated just down little collins. I was taken back by the choice i had to choose from & in the end i settled for Choc pringles, a piece of truffle (soo good) & a chocolate bark. -Chocolate Fire.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trick of the Trade

Since it was a day off for me, i decided to do a lil shop hunting with the assistment of the shopping secret cards & offcourse along the way, i decided to do lil stop overs.

1. The very start of the adventure was these 2 corner shops right next to each other.

One called paperback books and the other ...haha unknown but it had Job Warehouse right above. Seems rather grungy but it has it's own touch. I was snooping around the tight space corners and found a book that was for free in it's sale corner.Later on i moved towards the archi & photography section. Funnily enough found one by Leon Van Schaik, my ex tutors dads book who is the head of Archi. Not bad too, only $50 bux

2. Peeked at J cafe & without saying a word. He handed my skirt, how funny was that? Ive left it over 2 weeks....:P

3. Curious i went up into this dance school, to hopefully discover that they will do waltz. Honestly, it's not my thing but i decided i will give it a go plus i actually have a dance partner..who's not gay..haha. So we're prob going to start on Friday yeay!.... & my baby ajie will do salsa with me.

4. Got a call, so soon after. I hopped off to see ajie at the Melbourne's Art Supply shop to find that he obviously wasnt there yettt....He had to go off to reception, so i was left with brandon at the lane...chilling & off he went to work...:( left alone again. We didnt even grab coffee

Inspired Dancewear for Our Daily Life

artwork by Maria Isabel Arango

Clad: Some shirt that spells our California, San Diego.

Consume:Oats, Fruits, What will it be this morning?Should i just jump into lunch

Music:Besame Mucho.....Im a latino nerd somewhere in this asian blood

Wants:To get up and head off for my day of adventure

No to: silly melbourne weather, i want some warm breeze and spring fever to kick in, dont want to wear silly layers and seen running around in the drizzling rain.

MUST: Pilates at 5.30 and Gym before or after? Double Dutch Chocolate at Myers...Yum GLUTTEN FREE AND 99% FAT FREE


Readings from Frankie: keen to find out how this new range of clothes is going to look like. Since it is inspired both by dance movement and edgy fashion(Japan). We bring you Cassette Society, it seems it's already up in General Pants stores.Hrmm....that could be part of my lil stop over today. Just interesting to note how the idea of fluid movement might be incorporated into basic clothing. i mean you dont want to look to 'dancy'....will have to wait till i get a peek of it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More flashbacks....more despair

" I have been inspired to let my body free, let it roam as it is suppose to be, cry and touch every beat and and dance is my trance, what keeps me alive and beyond. The only way in which i breath and reach. It my lust and passion and nothing stands in between my moment." My own take on the art of expression, dance.
  • Started of with the phenomena of Grease, i couldn't tear my eyes away from it when i was younger & honestly till today i still can't. I have watched it over a million times as they the Aussie's should know, hehe thats the only thing they play on their tele's.
  • Dirty Dancing, it makes me have tingles, Sex Sex Sex but in a good way. A beautiful way to translate one's body language into a mode of dance. The start of lovemaking on the floor
  • FAME, translation of everyone's needs and desire to be someone, to be different.
  • Flashdance, crazy crazy body definition,this was the ART of letting go. Construction, dirt and just testosterone but in a woman.

Newbies: let's start with

  • Dance with me, Where i fell in love with latin. My other love of my life. I will give anyday to be in a competition and to dance the way they did.Someday i will ;)
  • Bootmen, cute cute aussie flick. What a hottie and how great it is to do tap on water....Fantastic
  • Dirty Dancing 2, Such a girly flick. Well it filled me with giggles and it's cute to see them together.I suppose it has the same reminiscent of the Original Dirty Dancing. But Ooh, the casual street salsa in the club...I want a partner like that tooo
  • Take my Lead, Antonio what a sexy old man....hahaha it's fun and easy going with the mixture of hip hop into latin fever. Got me roaring for my old dancing days. Plus tango is such a beautiful creation, my grandma is really good at it.
  • Rent, Not to much dancing but when they do, it's an interesting choreography. Surprise: you woudnt expect some of the actors/actress to sing but hell yeah they can.

funny, how we've been hit by such a great dance movement in the 70's..whats happening to our generation. seriously , sad because guys these days cant move their tippy toes or they think it's utterly gay. Honey, it's all wrong if you can dance ,all the ladies will be up on your door.

Conclusion---->Im going to get back to dancing,atleast twice a week and i definately want to hit my salsa skills back on the road.Nassy hun you're my dance one dances like you do and no one understands the need..;)miss you.

Do we age with Grace?

After much surfing, i ended up facing on the In Style Mag, site.
They had an interesting link about the before and after of our
favourite celebrities or atleast my personal favs.

With much contemplation, I reckon these lucky few seemed to have
aged gracefuly through the years.

  • Question to myself: Wonder whether i would look that good by the
    age of 30 or even in my 50's? I suppose here comes the deed of more healthy eating, exercise & less stress ( <--notpossible)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Classic Plasticware, Silver bling & Wooden Stars

Animal Motifs, Everyday token from everyday life.....

arent't they yummy, cute designs by danni m

of Cabbages & Kings, cheaper alternative to other
necklaces. Only 25AUD

Ive seen this sensation hit Melbourne necks at ease
and now picking up like 'hot cakes'. Im starting to
like the idea of having these charms to dazzle anything
from shirts to dresses.However, some of these lovely
pieces seem to cost as much as an outfit and more.

bling bling: I am ready to take jewellery making
into account as i believe every designer should
be able to be versatile. Plus, im keen to go beyond
a single image, why not have them in motion.;)

i just love these images, provoking way to display their jewellery.
Made by dapple grey, all available at Fat

Prince Charming with A heart

Storytale: Continuation of Princess Grace's work.

Andrea Pierre Casiraghi, the 22-year-old son of Her Serene Highness, Princess Caroline of Monaco recently toured some of the more destitute areas in and around Manila to highlight the cause of the Filipino arm of Amade-Mondiale, a Monaco-based nonprofit child-advocacy organization and its partner Virlaine Foundation.

“My mother said: If you had only one glass of water left in the world to put out an angry volcano, then do it,” he said.

---> So, not all royals are born to sunbath by the beautiful monaco beaches. I read it today in the OK UK, mag about his little visit down in manila with heiress tycoon girlfriend. Finally, there is some recognition that people other than ourselves need help in this so called wonderful world. It breaks my heart everytime i head back to the philippines especially in manila. However when i do go back to mindanao(tacurong), i wish at times life could be as simple as they have it. With no interruption of the poetic noise of the city. Simply: no trouble

What we should do: Pray and thank god,Alhamdulillah for the blessings and also dont take hardships to hard as there are others who are in a worse state. (yes, Not purchasing that gorgeous top will not kill you)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

some old news

Felt like updating or making my blog a little colourful, looks a tad boring!!

so here it is, some pics that i took from my photography elective.
hopefully with a successful loan of a scanner, il be able to have
some new pics from Mindanao in the page.