Monday, March 31, 2008

i want to be a bookworm!

step 1: getting up early for dance class
8.30----> eyes heavy & grumpy....downturned i have tooo?
dragging my feet on the floor, i grabbed my toothbrush . threw the toothpaste.
whoops fell down somewhere...cant be bothered.
step 2: panicking about not having brekkie
shit shit....late for class...clumsily, hanging on to my roti bakar kaya( which was gorgeous!)
and nasi lemak for kuya dax & mark.
step 3: blurry scenes
jumping around like a mad hare picking up steps from where we left off for more than a week ago.
count gee ann, count! having heaps of fun from laughing to hard at the same time. Man really need to get those contacts....maybe on wednesday :)
step 4: hurrying away
confused? indonesian body massage or reflexology?
decided on pampering of the feet. whoahhhhh! major sores!
no showers after massage...well give it 2 hours and more.
step 5: grinning cat
ooohhhh...jane fonda book only $20. way cheaper than melbs.
ooohhhh more great books...oohhhh time for funny heart warming books:
therefore the purchase of two french books. well about the ever so slim french women
and their knack of looking polished and beautiful at all times. effortless.
ps---> must head down to amcorp mall often.
cheap ass books. good ones too. 4th floor people!
step 6: happily ever after
stuck on screen, chatting to my love and mr betty. cant wait for my reads..:)
damn the room lights are dim....eyes hurting...
im already half way through one of the frenchies... i will finish this all in a week.

mamak addiction

As of yesterday from rehearsal, nass, fai and i made an interesting discovery of how we are addicted to maggi mee goreng. Whatever the deal was, when anyone seems to make their way to a mamak stall. Its the number one order, next to the roti's offcourse. I think i have had atleast order maggi goreng all the time on my pit stops to the mamak in the 2 weeks that i have been here. Well, except for yesterday where i had the sudden craving for paper tosai plus we had that odd conversation. Its funny how this instant noodle has caused such a sensation like since forever.
I practically lived off it once when i was broke in melbourne but ermm too much of it did make me loose some, be smart and eat it not 24/7. Its also hilarous how the aussie's go , "yeah, majee". "You're like no it's maaggiiiiii!"
besides the whole instant noodle phase, it was a good night catching up with old friends :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

mingling in kl

today was a mingle in the jingle,
had a rumble in kl jungle,
trying to get my camera fixed in maju junction,
which me & kyun didnt know how to get to?
erkkk....but with great skills we got there safely
with crazy cock stares from the permata crowd.

headed off to pavillion, which lead me to my new found
comb.:) unique,
i should actually use it, supposedly makes my headaches
manage to pop in for the tommy hilfiger fashion show
....short sweet show....

Friday, March 28, 2008

what vera can do

These few days, there has been an on going obsession for fabric,
The kind that steals your glares and admiration,
I like vera, she's simple clean, elegant & beautiful,
Everything falls to be made for your body.
well, im feeling the urge to start sewing again.
Since i do have the facility to do so and some extra time on me,
I need to get books on cuts which i should have done in melbourne,
erkk...when time doesnt permit you to head down to lincraft.
1. sewing
2. completing my US photo album
3. spending more time on my SLR
4. starting my jewellery line
5. salsa
Dont we all procrastinate, it feels that every single year time passes by
too fast and sometimes to slow. Sometimes i feel that work drains me out
leaving me months of " when did my life pass by this fast?"
Huge question mark?
Before you know it, im hitting the mid age of the 20's...ah 24!
which leaves me 6 years to hit all the expectations and goals
i should achieve.
like travelling and living in europe. Hitting south america
and yes, becoming an architect.
haha.... i will just leave this for fate and time

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

good old mail

i miss getting mail, snail mail that is.
The last delight i received was a small catalogue from acne jeans.
It was silly to be excited over it, but the swedish hint lingering in my sight,
lit my eyes,
gorgeous photo's, inspiring to take ones like these.
Quite glad i signed up for it,
The kind of other mails i would like to receive would be
postie's. I love sending them out , never seem to receive one??!?
like heading out to the post office, having the trouble to buy stamps.
and placing the par avion (air mail) on the envelopes.having sticky fingers
after furiously stamping it into the wet sponge.
Then somehow hoping it doesnt come out to wet
on the doesnt seem to take much to make me little self happy?
little silly joys.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the mid 24/7

toys toys galore

a beautiful song, a beautiful theme, the likes of marc by marc jacobs
fancy the hair, the shirt, the skirt, the beautiful models
i love the likes of legs. the more the merrier.
the fancy block colours of red,candy floss hair

Monday, March 24, 2008

whispering hair

Im currently obsessed with times font,

clean cut and simple,

allowing the blog to be neat and spacious,

Also obsessed with the colour white,

being able to put the subject on a stand still,

nothing leaves yours eyes,

Just space and emptyness

Im in love with the nature of having random haircuts,

being able to change and revolutionalized into something different,

Not being a different person

but being a cut out doll,

like the ones we did when we were little.

horoscope dilemma:

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Throw caution to the wind when it comes to your hair. Spring is here, and it's time to start show off a new you! You've been thinking about a radical change and now's the time to go for it. The universe is on your side, and the luck you'll need to get the exact look you're seeking is yours. Stop thinking, and do it! You'll love it.

im thinking light brown, i dye it first or should i curl it first?

what would you do?

i want answers.....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

toot toot

The epitome of happiness:

am i in the state of happiness?

not happy in love because my love is not here

but i am somehow happy of being home,

in the presence of a different love.

Love that revolves in settling,

that involves in an organic wholeness

JOYS: flowering out of that tight box

hugging good friends

letting loose of mind and soul

SPEWS: the constant swags of events

the heat & pollution

the long short conversations we have

the constant stares

Monday, March 17, 2008

entering the year

Finally, having the very urge to blog.

The last time i laid a blah on this page

was in the states. I suppose the roller coaster

ride i took from last year from my own adventures

have swept me far and straight into the month of march.

Well, soon enough march is coming to and end.

I am excited to be home except the drawbacks of missing ajie, li

& the two terrors at home( dali and chloe).

Its strange also to have so much time in my hand and

no work to occupy my every minute and hour.

Soon enough i will be starting work and soon enough

i will promise to possess the skills of driving.

I dont seem to know how i could have put this off for

hrmmm...7 years....;)

besides that im relatively independent so that will be

the last quality to have.

Im estatic also about my upcoming trip to chiang mai,

had always wanted to go up north and finally i saved up enough.

Boracay would be another pit stop in my quest to see more in

the philippines.

the only problem i seem to have is the crazy heat that is making

me slow, drowsy....sleepy....