Tuesday, March 30, 2010

yet another easter

This time we would be dividing my expressive paragraph into two. Just in the need to change up the way things sit. I'm feeling utterly uncomfortable today! From my silly fringe (so regret cutting), to my bloated tummy, dehydrated body, the chilly chills that creep up to me and mostly the thought of moving out. But i keep things bright , just imagining the house. A moment where i can let out a giant "sigh" and go ah i am homeeeeee....

So what do you think? Doesn't it smell of home! Hahaha, I guess you can call me a traditional house wife with the perfect home being defined as a lovely Victorian home with a garden and timber floor. However, before we go any further. I am going to make a list to see whether i can truly be called "wifey"

Wife characteristics
1. Love cooking
2. ANAL behaviour of cleaning
3. Love groceries
4. Even more in love with markets
5. Curling up in our space
6. Shopping for unnecessary bits and pieces to make it more homey
7. Yelling at ajie on a daily basis

Modern characteristics
1. So so about laundry, prefer to do my share
2. Washing should be done fair
3. Work long hours
4. Always on my lappie even after work
5. Independent on my social outings
6. Going dutch on expenses
7. I need my healthy range of food

So, then i googled the role of a "traditional housewife"

A homemaker handles household responsibilities as his or her main daily activity. While not an occupation in the traditional sense, as it is not usually undertaken for monetary remuneration, a homemaker may work full-time to maintain the home environment. The term emerged as part of the 'politically correct' movement. The occupation is typically taken by one adult of a household, such as a parent of a child unless all working age individuals in the household work full-time. If the homemaker is part of the family, a female homemaker is usually termed a housewife, and a male homemaker, a househusband. The domestic consumption work[1][2] of homemakers provide goods and services directly within a household, such as cooking meals, childcare, household repairs, or the manufacture of clothes and gifts. Common tasks include cleaning, cooking, and looking after children.

So, this marks the point of life where home comes first before settling anything else. Looks like most friends are heading down the path despite getting engaged before any of them . I am so happy to see that our generation is getting a better grasp on forging a unit with their partners. I guess not necessarily the gage of being married but you know carrying on to another level through different types of commitment. Love is in the air for 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The "Body"

Feeling the sudden "urge" to understand better my sudden obsession with the body. I had always been a little skinny bean as a child, i didnt get any curves as a teenager & a regular figure when i was in college.

Now, i can say that the body is resisting to keep in top form and i can immediately see the difference as soon as i start to consume sugary drinks everyday & adding meat to my everyday meal.

Results, i have lovely love handles & a flab ab stomach & my thighs....yeeks*
For one thing, i dont do exercise so i started pushing in a daily 30 mins quick run
after work. Ideally i would like to do it in the mornings. Its amazing how great i feel the next day

So, yes im ranting about lumps and bumps.
Dont get me wrong? I dont want to be super skinny, but you know i want to feel good when i get up in the morning, i want clothes to slip in like a second skin & i dont want to feel the need to hide myself behind blousy clothes or step away from 'poly' material.

Today was a decision making day to set up a food diary and to knock in a few bunch of routines. Im a little extremist which means if exercise is drilled into my system i will just do it everyday
and if i want to get into a health punch, i have to start eating home ( rolls eye* it's not an option and i need to save some $$$)

So, Here's to a start to drinking more than 1 glass of water a day and working my way to healthy living

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A big glow



A big glow,
One i didnt expect to occupy.
I guess when i was little, there was only me.

Me to create a picture,
Me to draw the bridge.

This is the unexpected beauty of family,
She is the continuation of the story.

This is a time for soul feeding & today i did a bit of that,
reflecting on the formation of family & the unexpected glow
of a being proud of a family member,
I love my baby sis too bits & i cant believe how fast she's growned.

Soon enough, she will over take us and we will all have
the need to protect her under our shelter.
Its uncanny how my perception of family is,
Sure enough we have been swung over my a whole lot of "drama",
Sure we dont look like your regular family,
But through and through we are a unit.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Multitudes of Reflection

My pockets are filled to the brim,
The lightness of that financial drop
is wilting over that droopy slope,
Time and time again,
I wash myself with endless dreams of greens,
Time and time again
i restlessly pick myself up to wind the walk,
Beyond my vision,
beyond my endless fight to stay up,
I'm still finding the light out

Glad to find that i can resume to uploading my pictures while i do a moment of reflection. It has been a rather interesting and amusing weeks for me.
My soul, mind & body has been pushed beyond my boundaries and i am happy to say i can keep going despite being toyed around with the old friend called "fate".

So dear fate, what do you have installed for me and my friends.
Amazing that the moments of rethinking, moments of rescheduling is gruelling down all our minds and at the very same time.
So beyond the thousand of miles that seperate the 3 entities, we all share a common thought.
Where, why and when should change come?

Let us examine the parts

MY SOUL - Strong, Abused, Likes to Contradict, Confused, Tortured, Sad at times, Exhausted, Determine, Stubborn
Medicine requires a whole lot of spiritual feed, enlightenment & light.

MIND- Wearing down, Tired, Grumpy , Playing a Gemini part in decisions
Medicine requires a Holiday and Support

BODY- Heavy, Dehydrated, Eyebags, Joints are hurting
Medicine requires Exercise, Meditation, Water and a whole lot of love

Funny, when i list it down it so clear and almost dumb to ignore these needs.
I need to feel my soul