Sunday, July 22, 2007

in my box

yes, im still stuck in a rut on how my box would be.
A little scared it might look like a psycho's den of thoughts
with maps and crazy arrows running a stray without a clue
for the spectator.

I want it to be a work of art, an art that expresses the
spatial concept well and clear.

Tom: i will be a little carpenter, getting all my square's
and rectangles of mdf into specific dimensions.
dang! haven't been in that workshop since 1st year?

constructive: my site analysis down at st kilda today.
It was super sunny with busy people chowing down
on their Sunday brunch. The tram was a pretty long one,
i must have at least spent 1 1/2 h to go and get back.
what a trip, felt tram sick...haha and still feeling rather
headachy.... must be the mohito...from katt's bday.
but the food was awesome! yum!!

hair frenzy

My hair is like a mood ring, constantly changing and in radical colours too, i just tell myself, " do it while you're still young" So, this time around im a little plum head with a 20's bob. Anyway back to more responsible part of my life. Uni has started, in some way i am extremely excited. Yet, having katya & kramer's studio is intense and i do hope i will get through with some flying colours because i am having mid crit in 2 weeks. Portfolio will be time consuming as to comm project. So, i need some help from ajie to improve in my modeling abilities.

things to complete:
my wooden box 70cm x 25cm x 10cm in depth
intention: to have an in depth story of the layers that
open and close before our eyes of st. kilda. I like the idea of opening something and discovering. So, an interactive box.
portfolio: compiling endless junk drawings & work for years before ....damn* my com is so slow ..thanks to a virus
comm: research on a modern chapel...
house chores.... st kilda visits and exploration....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

toni & guy shoot, wella

Finally gotten picture's from jo.
here are some that i thought were ok to put up,
had fun there thats for sure

thanks to bianca and jo!


finally, i can post...just my darling bestie nass!
on her second trip to melbourne

xoxox her!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

is luck coming?

Do you believe in luck? do you believe it may come along and stroke your way.
I always wondered to what extend do we allow our thoughts to wonder off
along the ways of the Superstitious .

Have i had my own lucky days? I guess i have, whatever i own and have now
seems like a lucky life. Beside's the ambush of bad luck every once in a while.
I have long struggled to come to where i am , we all have in our own ways,havent we? Whether to pursue what we want, let it be small or big problems. We all get by......

My luck today : snuggled up with a hot heater by my toes,
my two smudgy cats,
dance shows, blonde ( marilyn monroe
silly bf, yummy lindt chocolate

what else do i need?

bad luck: my hurting toes...worried about it...
must be the shoes

a quickie

lately, this winter weather is driving me to the brink of laziness...
no more nice sunny walks and no more cheery bright clothes,
it has been replaced by drenched cold shoes & feet and dark trench coats that hung
my limbs that seem to drag the cold concrete floor.

it has not been an interesting day yet filled with other drama's within my sight,

As i was walking through little bourke st and getting into david jones for some warmth,
the spill of a romantic japanese song came from a singing person. I looked at him for
a while, taking in as much of his good voice...thinking to myself, i wont ever sit in the
rain like that...funnily enough, i think my stares made him think i was checking him out

Passing through .....another song rung in my head from across the road...
tenehh...tenehh.....teneh.... break hammer...
god, the 80's...been through it or more my mama has... ;)

Busy chewing on my famous amos....which i just had to buy
I was in between an argument of a couple....completely drenched in
the's as if...she did one of those dramatic video clips in the 90's..
where she is running down the cold cold rain while her lover calls out to her...
i heard the word " No, she is just a friend" " we have been friends for too long"
" we did date in 97( i think he said that),that was ancient" She on the other hand...
looked like a sobbing child with eyes that was amusing , but off course they had to get
a stop before me. So, my end of the bold & the beautiful was over... im at home....watched a whole stretch of ugly betty...
and another day of work...exciting...