Tuesday, September 01, 2009

going on a limb

It takes another human being to place you right smack in your tracks.
Often you wander about ignoring the outmost importance of an individual
to find that your unintentional act is merely a careless mistake.
Now, the question falls down to whether the other who seeks refuge under
your wing has rebelled without a cause and throwned you so far into the
deep end that acts of spite, revenge and cruelty is all that can be
expressed. Will you wing the creature through this dark phase?

How strange where the path takes you, how strange that when it does your
most intense desires and need to write is flowing ever so rapidly down
these keyboards. I have found what i have been looking for which is the
desire and fierce commitment that i have lost many moons ago.

A new enlightenment has whispered its grace on me, a light of perspective.
A light of cunning emotions that drape so deep within me.
A tunnel of visions which was clouded by mass materials and unnecessary
In turn, churned the machine of clouded conversations.

Whispers and talks, whispers that come beyond our reach.
Mind matters that pierce so deep within your heart,
without a hold without even a word of care.
How long will this nature takes its course?
How long would you expect to break my bones down?

Man was made to dream and yet to suffer ever so greatly,
The pain of which i can call my own,
The solid wall of trust that i take you in with me
and will guide you while i have none.
Lets venture beyond our playground,
Lets venture to sing and dance through this confusion.

All is part of patience, all is a pride.
For nothing in this world could blind me,
For nothing in this world could feel the beat,
I am your devoted being,
I will continously be your one and only.