Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Body Alarm taking it's toll

Time: 12.08 in the arvo....Ive been awake since 9.30, slept at 3.30ish am?

Mood: Slightly light, from being up way to early. Im a baby who needs her 7-8 hours sleep. Very unlikely for a designer to get but somehow i will wedge that when i start my serious life. Going to be sneaky and i will pop in some naps after this.Shoulders hurting for a strange reason.

Also quite estatic that photo's are loaded & ready for publishing. So here goes the best of pictures out of the 9 rolls that were taken on my lil journey through the mid year & few weeks back.

in the wee hours of the morning

time: 2.57am

body: overdosed from hershey choc's(only 3 lil nuggets), yes! my cHocoholic self has been cured due to the fasting month. Feeling quite hydrated...eyes, confused on whether to stay awake...tongue tasting metallic....( ooh not too good as house would put it).

It's weird, to think that a week has passed of work. It felt fast which meant i wasnt dreading on time or the days. Just perfect :) the way i want it to be. Received photo's from Kayun( terima kasih! darling cousin) but the only the problem is uploading annoying!!!

Went a little generous, so i bought mama & tia some pre raya presents & finally gotten myself some raya shoes. Tomorrow is another of hunting for baju raya for Kak yanti, damn....who would think it would be this hard. Someone aught to up the making of this tradition. sigh* it's sad to think that no one really knows much of their culture. It's going by the year through and no is seriously being proud of being a Malaysian. That's why it's slipping away. I dont think i can name anyone who knows how to cook a nice meal for the whole family. We're not talking about telur goreng and nasi here but actual proper yummy dishes. I think we all take for granted on the elderly's & somehow adopting this attitude that they will always be around. I guess the coming generation will rely on packed Brahmins & take out for our festive season. Anyhow Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Berbuka for the last 2 days.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the day i made twiggy miss parminter

time: 2.44... hoping that time will miracously jumped to 7.00pm

Days have been passing by fast & as corny as it sounds...

i am waiting till the day ajie comes back, syang i miss you. In need of some company & cuddles.

A day of work lead to my update of my folio.

Miss parminter, this is the essence in which i began my journey to the uncanny.

Here, twiggy is expressed as the painter who sits by the glass room ( all in which i designed) , site located in barry's reef.A secluded area whereby the only neighbours you have are the possums or wombats. Here she sits and paints at her own leisure, the glass casing create's her own threshold which is the only seperation between the outer dimension. From a far, the room is created such that a person would be seen exposed to her surroundings. Thus, creating a perfect illusion and freedoom to express.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Flew,landed & rested


Mood: missing my sayang too bits & my baby dali. It also feels strange that i am back & i was just in melbourne yesterday.

Changes: i am already sweating from the heat, already bumming in front of astro, having great home cooked food, no longer craving chocolate, oh yeah terrible haze in kl!!....

Since, its as though i have been hit by the past. Here are some photo's of last year that reminded me of another case of deja vu. Im back here again except my baby's not here to keep me company. :(

* oh yeah, im estatic about getting my photo's developed...i have like 10 rolls or moreee ;)

what's missing: goreng pisang & famous amos ...more snoozes tooo

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello all for the day

Well, today has been quite interesting. Vegie bar strikes again. A beatuiful lentil burger followed by Cream cheese garlic Kievs..mhhhmm, Ajie`s favourite. is always great !!

By, Ajie (coolest man on earth)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Squinty Day for lil old me

Mood: Feel like junk, had to much junk. In need of a well balanced meal.

guilt, skipped fasting as a day in the hot 28 would just make me faint at the showgrounds.

"I was in the full gear of getting excited but somehow it just wasnt the same this year,
jamie & owen came around to joining us. haha, we did watch the racing & diving pigs but
poor jamie had a bad headache from the crowd & the sun( it was quite annoying at one point) so she left after plus the wind was just blowing us around i dress went up a no of times.

ajie did the thrills of doing all the crazy rides, while boring old me sat & watch. i just couldnt do anything with the dress( hehe, yes im a lil lame for going all girly on a carnivale day). I also got
frustrated on the black jack games....i kept missing on the odd no's. i will be keeping the old tickets
for next years show.grin*

i suppose it was quite exciting that they had a band, playing all the lovely salsa tunes but no one wanted to dance with me...BOring! The food testing was good. i guess...hrmmm & as usual the show bags were worth the wait & buy.



munch on spanishh doughnuts

had my double dutch & they had dippin dots so lets hope they will be coming to town soon

took heaps of photo's so im yet to developed & scanned them in

good good showbags for my lil baby sister

& good fun times with sayang & the cows...hahaha

what made us fumed....

we suck at playing no lil pony for me

the crazy wind & dust in my eyes

the one million people to watch the pig show.... oh yeah , so many other stores were missing from last year!! :(