Saturday, February 24, 2007

mooning myself through

man ray

I have been anxious these days, so exactly on the dot. Il be up and about at 8.30 ish in the morning. Much to annoyance I dont feel fresh, i feel drained out . tired!
Anyhow, i managed to wrestle through the schedule i had yesterday except for the downside of
rain....heavy rain which is prob the reason why my head feels wonky..
crazy list of yesterday
  • personal business ( which made me and lia practically shower in the rain)

  • film at selangor camera shop...yipee...happy shooting for about 3-4 months

  • contacts...good good price

  • hard drive

  • managed to look up on my negative scanner

  • visit ajie's parents
  • ikea for my photo framing :)

today's less hectic list

  • travel agent visit

  • tante sue, lunch
  • nena for tea

  • dinner with family
  • a good nights rest

then im setting of for the jet plan, insyaallah everything goes through for the next chapter of my life..........

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

movie week

i guess, as a woman who is under going some stress. I managed to turn into a couch potato aka. ass bandit to the tv. So, far it has made me consumed 1 1/2 of a grapefruit, casava chips, patchi chocs, while being on my tootsie's in the movies resulted----> only a 1901 hot dog which was a little to peppery for my liking.(wink* i did have a double scooped large rootbear float but it was shared) Looks, like im eating my way through the next couple of days.

With the hard chomping, i managed to switch into beauty sleep mode which is a blessing but i have been pushing the anxiety buttons that -----> woke me up to early today! why? i think i am missing my beau, it's funny to think at a different point of time and at a different country we still hold much of our feelings together,even stronger than usual.

reject: 1.any sappy feelings that are swamping though-----> seems to be my post* missing ajie syndrome .
2. any chocs or anything with caffeine
3.freaking about being on the waiting list

acceptance: 1. love love from loved ones
2. Coming home to baby dali
3. my suitcase is filled with clothes, i didnt even weird
4. that the whole week will be a bustle and hustle
5. oohh ...ugly betty on in an hour.;)

I also had a hit of series, one of gilmore girls which slowly drove me away ....was a tad boring, heroes: god, i cant stop watching it. finally got to season 5, thanks yun! Actually, i wanted to do a little comparison of two flicks i watched within the week

1.dreamgirls versus 2. Music and lyrics
The singing was great and beautiful, however what drove me insane and into laughter, was the every need to sing to any sort of emotion. there was no room to converse or act and everything felt depressing. A rather long long movie for a musical but the costumes , the set, the makeup, the cast was gorgeous.
Now, this is a chilled out, typical movie by drew and also hugh. funny, likeable, romantic,nothing over the top....and love what the 80's did to hugh grant. drew also lost a lot of weight, she looks great!

Monday, February 19, 2007

long long weekend

----> hahaha it always feels good to land my fingers on the computer, i think i may have turned into my worst enemy: a computer geek
well, me and kyun had a whole day of monging ....more tv and dvd's to catch and somehow that will be our agenda again tonight of our on going series of "house sitting". I actually watched mistress of spices and as usual it does not come up to the standards of reading the actual book. I enjoyed our romantic session with lake house, gives the possibility of someone crossing time and reunite with the one they love, very romantic. Ahh-----> to top of my day, ajie made a surprise sms to say he's leaving, nut* didnt even know hes flight was yesterday. thank god he made it in time.

and i finally managed to have a peek at our weekend frenzy in heritage. finally went out with aruna & shereen.It was short and sweet while it lasted :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sticking within the frame

------> condition: arm is aching( due to the swinging), eyes sleepy & legs aching...
all in i sound like i am in pain but today i managed to stay clear and away from being grumpy!

I took the ktm for the first time today from batu 3, firstly i looked lost and secondly that was exactly how i's amazing how in melbourne it seems like a normal habit i have with public transport but when it comes to being in my own home....I dont even know where to get a ticket, where to put it in or even stand on the right platform.

I ended asking random questions to strangers and well they were helpful...however, i just felt dumb* but it wasnt as dodgy as i thought it would be. Melbs there are no drunks...oh wait something worse...the BO....could kill us all...haha .so, i had to get off kl central and hop on to the seremban line...

had lunch with aruna at sushi king, always nice to have food that isnt oily...
we went to top shop, miss selfridge, zara, mng...just places where you could find
decent winter wear for her trip to london... tired of the mall, dropped off for a quick hi
to the girls at delicious and then went for another trip down in telawi...God, too many gorgeous
shoes...each dying to be owned by me...hahaha or might be the other way dying to own them...
not only that the temptation to turn any innocent window shopper into a serious shopoholic.god save me from my demons...hahaha
Pit stop--->bodega again with momo....then a nice cruise back home..:)

cant wait for our girly night again tom :)
inspired by beautiful pics by top shop, london wear 11th feb

opened box

i had such a good time yesterday-----> mood im in today: very satisfied

Been up real early these days in order to get a proper start.
Lia picked me up and we started our so called lunch which ended up being tea
offcourse....hahhaha...and i indulged in a healthy but greesy club sandwich at bodega despite having lunch at home...god lust come's in.
I got myself the appointment arranged at strip, Cant believe i sat and laid on that bed for
2 and half hours getting my lashes fixed but the results are worth waiting for.
Now, i look like a confuse bambi....actually korean...time to change the hair colour.

Scouted out in toys r us since ajie was taking me for my first golf experience at the
driving range. I always felt intimidated, i reckon it's the macho stench that hovers
the area.... We went of to petaling street, did our photo session and at the same
time being paranoid whether anyone was out to get us. we did look out of place, i
actually got changed into ajie's polo just in case. Oh yeah, had stall food for dinner
because it's ridiculous that nando's only had set valentines meals. what's that? shesh*
i wouldnt even eat the dessert.... anyway......arrived at the "extreme park" where
we parked our butts on the top floor...hehe* they probably thought he was my instuctor...

golf facts:
1.i suck, but i did finish off the bucket of 100 balls
2. i may not pass beyond the 50m mark since i only made it there
3.ajie is a way better player than me
4.i enjoy this female invented game is good source of ranting out anger
6.i may take this as a useful sport. will never get peace and quiet with me around because i was in fits of giggles*

1.ajie bought me a gorgeous bouquet of lily's, orchids...and i think jasmine...
it's nice and tropical...i hate roses....---->got him chocs
2.he surprised me with my love with it-----> got him the junior golf clubs
3.he framed the photo of both of us and his card was sweet.---->packed a picnic but we were too tired and got him that crazy leo that blows up to 600% of its size...
4.we didnt do the usual boo boo valentines...happy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In the midst of browsing

Mood: grumpy & need to be hit by cupid
song: running water, just making me agitated....

So, today is the official vday where prices are jacked up for flowers and in every corner there will be swoony couples. I think my time has come and everything seems to be over rated. So, in my search for a pretty dress yesterday, i came across the swanky strip shop which is the perfect place to get waxed...... love the concept and the design of the place and everyone was so helpful and friendly.Plus, they give out the cutest calendar cards. So, perhaps today il be getting my bambi look.....and im booked out for 5pm. Its going to take 2 hours or more....

Anyway, as i was browsing through Rush Magazine. I was blowned away by Jane Birkin. She's just gorgeous ( haha ....maybe i should get worried) . I seem to be checking women out a lot lately.... Why wasnt i born in the 70's where everyone is trigger happy and would have been protesting a lot on the vietnam war but thats irrelevant. The look was there, long long hair, big bambi eyes, super hot shorts, minies, the beatles, seems calmer and sexier than today. Now, everyone is to worried about money which offcourse is the root to all evil and we get sucked into it. Back to Jane birkin, she was the muse for Hermes, and still rockin on with performances in France and Switzerland as Electra in a play till March 2007.

tooth fairy

someone had a loose tooth coming , so tita mila did a little tug...and she's officially A toothless standard 1 kid.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

In the name of goodluck

SCORPIO:. The sex addict>>>>>>>>Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy.Intelligent. Energetic. Predictfuture.>>>>Most>>>>>>>>erotic. (Freak in bed.) (GREATkisser.) Always get what they want.Sexy.>>>>>>>>Attractive. Easy going. Lovesbeing in long relationships.Talkative.>>>>The>>>>>>>>sexiest ever....Romantic. Caring.4 years of bad luck if you do not>>>>repost.

As, i was saying in the name of goodluck. I shall reveal this rather strange zodiac that talks more about the sexual personality of me. I dont believe in these chain letters but i thought something entertaining should be posted every once in a while. So, to my fellow scorpie's feel the wrath of an annoying repost you might have to make after reading this. wink*

Monday, February 12, 2007

fixed stares

ding dong! I am reminiscing about a book i once had, the phaidon book of potraits taken by steve mc curry. I dont know if i was taken aback by the famous afghanistan girl that swept him to his success or was it his ability to freeze time and capture breathing potraits of people. I cant believe i missed the chance to watch him give a lecture in melbourne when i was taking photography as an elective, oh well in the truth of being optimistic some other time i hope. Definately would love to take one of his workshops. haha, photography can be an expensive hobby...need your tools and film to be running around capturing people and offcourse the dosh because once i start on my clicking thrill, i seem to forget.

I think i need time to myself, see if i can round up some company. In order to go on a weekend of
picture taking. I think the best places in kl would be petaling street, central market, bukit bintang & masjid jamek. Though i have to be really careful not to wear anything revealing or carry anything that is not "snatch proof". Dont want to end up being a victim.

Oh, 2 more days to the ever so over rated valentines day. haha, i cant even remember what i did last year. shesh, im getting cynical. However, i have decided to spend the day with li and have dinner with ajie after. Not to sure what we girlies can do during the arvo, maybe a couple of yummy drinks or perhaps some retail therapy might ease my temper. Actually i might get my lashes done, seems like a perfect treat for a the " romantic day" and the bambi look.Im dying to get more dresses at baci, so maybe that could be another option for the 14th feb.
what a boring monday, thank god. Im heading to zeta with shereen & watching dreamgirls after. hehe i really cant stay home.

dancing koi's

finally, got a sneak peak on li's tattoo. I think it's gorgeous on her and hehe looks exactly like the sketch i made. Good colours too, she's getting it retouched again in 2 weeks. So it's not quite the final result but finally, it's on her back. :)

cake madness

Yet, another week of my mum playing miss baker. She was assigned to make a 50th birthday cake for a friend. Surprisingly this time my mum made everything from scratch. So the cake must have atleast weighed 20kg over. We got into the design of the cake and i was happily placing beads and the cut outs wherever i thought it would be nice. Ajie, became the co designer and did the fonts, must congratulate him for having such a steady hand. well done!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

the long lost photos

thanks to my bubba* ajie, we finally got rox's 21st photos up. it was rocking fun night~!

girly girly night out

it the name of true joy, the girls headed out for a night out. thanks hunny & love every one of you....muah*

Thursday, February 08, 2007

reuniting the pieces

today seems like a very slow day for me, everything is ticking slowly,
conversations stalled and the sky seems to look like it's about to pour.
I mean really pour down. I am bored and nothing productive will come of today.
My god, i may be suffering the blues of a bum. I miss working at the cafe which takes
up most of my day and waiting to get paid on fridays, Miss walking down for my strolls
and sipping down with my "decaff latte" since i do get anal after a shot of caffeine.
I miss wasting away some of my hard earned money for silly trinkets ....

Anyway, back to the real world. I did this little replica of what lia wanted as a tattoo. I think the idea of a koi and some sort of flowery design on both sides is brilliant. She should definately get this down and running soon. However, the question lies in the size of the piece. I hope she gets a decent size because if not the details wont be seen. Im so psyched out for her. :)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

translation of happy

i didnt know i was meant to be happy,

i didnt know what its like to be happy,

but i think today i could be happy,

hahaha....god, sounds a little strange. But it suits

the shot that was taken by Balqies.

Im up and going, it's 2.24 pm,the day is wednesday
and what i need to is freshen up, and pray.
Amazingly, a hint of prayers could set my mood soaring high.
Leaving me peacefully happy and geared up for more to come.

However, i feel like some deep sleep.
A sleep that could take me far and beyond the nightmares.
Where i am not such a grumpy brat and getting my temper all over the place.
Where i can be that little angel i always thought i was.