Friday, August 31, 2007

house hunting here we go!

fell in love because of the perks of a beautiful home ...
chandelier....timberwood floorings.....
fireplace....a girly home

Thursday, August 30, 2007

poster gal

ok...cute cute shorts are calling my attention.
Had always love wearing them since i was little,
made the cut off's at the age of 11, my mama wore cut off's
haha soon i will see tiana wearing them too.
Beside's the nice invitation to the store

im feeling rather blue and sad.
My lungs are hurting from the rather
painful trauma of my non stop cough.

dosage: lemongrass and ginger tea
now im opting for just pure honey diluted in warm water.
It sucks being a "cough" head , i rather have the flu and
lose all my smelling senses than having spastic coughs
hitting my chest. :(

dream---> to be up and running at 7am for a breakdown
of my design program and also a touch up on my alvaro siza's taking me so long, i havent even rendered it.

0000000000000000000000000000000 BLUE day0000000000000000000000000000

Monday, August 27, 2007

labbing it with comm

Ive noticed that my recent rants are about
how my body is suffering a breakdown.
Today, i have decided to kill it by having
a boost juice which was super cold,
peanuts which are starting to do "wonders"
for my throat and still itching to eat more...

Shesh with the diet im on, i will turn into
a giant hippo at the end of spring
which wont work well with flattering dresses.
would it now?
Im so happy that i got another session booked in
with toni and guy for a shoot....wippeeee..
because my hair is starting to look like a mushroom,
thank god no more crazy quite over it
erk that means i must strave myself for the next two weeks
because those love handles wont look nice in beautiful
garments....or photo's wont work well with chubby cheeks....

beside's that i am totally fascinated with the
alvaro siza's chairs for my chapel.
cute! better hop on to my design....
big presentation on friday....dumm..dummm...dummm

Sunday, August 26, 2007

breath of spring

collete dinnigan collection

Spring is here, i knew when i was sitting
and boiling underneath my winter black
layers. There was also that bright and sunny
light coming from the afternoon hues that
reminded me of the coming flower blooms.

I am happy, happy as a bird
to be able to go naked once more
without the heavy bearing coats.
Now, what is left of me
is just a graze of silky cool satin that
will wear me.

Pictures will be off pink & orange skies
and colorful cupcakes that would dress
my picnic floor.
My skin will breath again and my baby toes too.

So, i shout out again to the joys of warmth & eager
rainbows coming my way.

Friday, August 24, 2007

going lulu for jt

i woke up at 7.15am????!!!.....
i am speechless....
i jumped up and got ready despite my headache and cold....

i waited inline....
everything was sold out....
managed to nab 2 tickets....
this better happen....
if not i will be pissed....

hahaha otherwise,im super happy
and thank god this well made effort came through

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

a stone in my head

Pain, pain, pain is all i feel now,
it must have been a while since i have been sick
because i was busy wailing to myself as i tried to get
up this morning.
My eyes had pins in them, my throat raspy & my body
ready to hurl itself out of the window.

I am officially sick except without a medication cert
which is needed, in order to get the tutors to believe i am SICK!
damn, medicare card still not in.....
However, i got my tootsie's out of bed to go to portfolio class.
Did my fortnightly chores and actually attended class.
i was shocked!

Well, i dont know how i will do it tomorrow because
i dont think i will have a squeek out of me....
my head is thumping every second and im shivering to the bone

I got my shoes, my man shoes.
Been waiting for them for more than a month
Im in a state of a bliss..

looking forward to loosing 4 kg's....
i didnt have any chocolate today,
instead i had spoonfuls of honey for the voice &
some yummy lemongrass & ginger tea....hrmmm soo good...

time to cuddle with my babies

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

scratchy throat

I am getting sick & having a major attack of being a sweet tooth...
help! i need sleep and lots of time to finish my assignments...
just felt like going on a rampage...

ambition: to go home & nap
to get my hard drive tooo...

Monday, August 20, 2007


i feel puffy...
recovering from ajie's bday night out
and having very little sleep because i set myself
to work on sunday. It went relatively fast & smooth.
So, that was a blessing.

Funny incident: babysitting my sister & bf
I suppose in most parts, i was either on the sam par with them
or if not we were out separately.
Nothing too bad happened, Atleast no one was sprawled on the ground
or getting puke everywhere.
so, yet another blessing.
hah, i was sober :)

Now, im finding a source of inspiration that would
spark of some way of my design sprouting out to get
some bloody good comments and crits.
Gah, the stress relating to architecture.
I can sit for hours & hours in search of answers but
it might not come.
what i need is a working computer :(
so, thats why in most cases im here in uni.
dang, another blessing because at home il be glued to martha or gilmore girls.

Back to birthdays, it's funny how fast time passes
and birthdays keep coming.
It keeps hitting you one after another,
before i know it,il be hitting the big 30 soon and i still look like a kid.
It's nice to have this birthday this time around with li, i want a big one
or atleast a nice one.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

bday boy

a little shout out and scream out to my sayang

"Happy Birthday baby, with many more to come"

love xoxo

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my smiley egg

Yesterday, made myself a good wholesome brekkie
look at how cute my little egg is?

I cracked into a smile at the simplest thing
that could happen to me Which was the small smile on mr egg.
We seem to lose the ability to be happy over
the little things and sweat over it too.
What do we get caught up with? materials & rubbish.

I think im falling into a phase,
i nearly forgotten over the beautiful trip that made
me open my eyes wider which was cambodia.
But i hope im back into reality and making the most i can out of it.

Today, is my papa's bday 15th of August.
Wish he was here to celebrate & to see how much
bigger i have become and what i have achieved & struggled to accomplish so far.
But that's life & the greater knowledge of the after life.
It comes and takes those you love without sheer consideration
but i do know that god must have loved him so much to take him

We all wish somethings could remain forever
but i believe every little walk we take down brings
us onto an undulating roller coaster ride where i do not
take one single regret into form.
Fine, a loss could not be understood but i know never to live
my life grudging agaisn't god and unquestionable reasons.

Im thankful to have my body and mind still running at a perfect
state with beautiful people by my side. However, i have always
missed you and i do know that you're keeping watch of every step
that i take & i do hope that there's that guiding light which shines as it
will for me too.

Alhamdulillah for the perks and lows.

shakespeare grove

it's rather strange to be hanging out day in and night
in st kilda.

starting to get familiar & the area seems to get smaller
and smaller...

this time around, i headed down with ajie, tania & iqram

So, i did a little speech on the history which i thought was weird.
Brought them to the community gardens and even managed to
see how broccoli's grow.

It's rather pathetic at how excited we get with the little things in life,
my next veg question is how do garlics and onions grow?

anyone has an answer on that?

*star moment: was my secret bakery in st kilda for the city msian kids.
it's awesome and yummy....i think it's called a kugelhumph?
had the first one with li....
and dreaming for's a bread like choc pastry....