Monday, September 29, 2008

Spinning wheels & Little Squeels

Brekkie Spot: TUSK, thanks to some internet research.
I managed to find a busy/yummy spot for a nice sunday brunch.
Despite the long wait of 40 mins for my scandinavian potato stack,
i enjoyed every bit of my rostie, salmon,spinach & poached eggs.
Definately coming back again , not on a sunday and for their lunch menu the next time.
We rushed towards the Showgrounds with a lot of enthusiasm,
Plus the realization that it's not my 3rd but 4th year in a row
attending the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds.
I personally think, i could never get bored of carnivals.
It was an absolute bliss when i was 6, let alone in my 20's.
We jumped on first with rides, tee hee* in total only sums up 2!
While ajie and the other daredevils did around 6.
Did the usual show bag shopping with less bags this year.
Bumper cars was hehe relatively violent & chomping down
in the grand pavillion was my fav!Yummy cheese toast & pippin dots plus
yabbie pie. Cough* Organic Doughnut
Joys--> Dart games, i was good! not to be a brag.
I actually hit 5/6! Winning myself this funny looking duck.
I was surprised.
Shows-->The monster truck was ho hum*
But the motor cross was great! Better than it's been.
Crazyyyy a split second , everything could
fall apart and it didnt :)
Scenic views from the ferris wheel was nice,
Though my legs felt like jelly, as usual.
Im such a chook....hehe....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Phone + Bestie = :)

A distant ring, sounds all to familiar...
Where were the days where i could hang on to
the line with friends till your ears were dropping off
and eyes dozing off. Conversations soon turning to bable ....
I cant do it anymore, i cant yap...
However, i did today. Lovely lovely call from Krys.
Made my day, Miss her* Actually i can do it with my bestie's.
I suppose theres always so much to catch on and remember.
CIMP seemed so long ago, busy bees we were.
Laughing, smilling,Happy...
Now, im just an old grump* Who wants quality time at home.
I think with all that contact hours i have with work,
at the end of the day. You just want to vege out and remain
silent, even for an hour. Talking & standing all day, is getting
to my frail body ;)
So, us ladies have made a pact to call atleast every Once a month on a Sat, seems to suit us both.
The time difference was a killer to start a conversation, which had taken a raincheck for more than a month.
EAGER BEAVER---> Brekkie ar Tusk, heard about some infamous green eggs.
Though, had funny mix reviews but hey i want to give my tastebuds a go before rating the joint.
IN LOVE---> With Fruits, major snacked attack on Gelati with Fico...yumm & Fruitti Di Bosco.
Had some mata kuching tooo...I wouldnt mind some boost.
CHANGE---> Dyed it and textured permed my hair. I know, it's my own obsession..
but hey i didnt cut, i just needed some life in that limp hair.hahaha
TRADITION---> 3 years in a row this year for Melbourne Showgrounds...
I am winning that pony & il go on my big slide...tee hee* and purchase them
great goodie bags.
I think im getting back to my blogging days. Man, im feeling rather boxed up.
Too many thought running by, perhaps zooming is more precise.
What if's ? Worries , Torment and Wanting to Know...
Isnt it always the case, for the Young 20's...
Worrying over the small stuff...well, mines slightly bigger thank small.
Tick tock, to my so far from planning, it's gone by.
I dont know, im happy in my space and i think it would
go on smoothly :) The hype is over for now and taken by the more important
things in life, uni...
toot toot*** time to get those sleepy eyes a good rest~~

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tupperware Club

Mood: It's All about Storage for me now. Yes, im finding many ways to conceal and contain my items. It's from pencils, paper,Spices,My goodies ( chocolate ), Clothes ( the huge collection that i have seemed to breathe in), Mags...basically everything i live in.
Hahahaha, well i couldnt possibly contain my cats. They seems to be quite happy up on that old couch. Looking high and mighty.
Lately, the roller coaster i am hitting. Is going to no ends,
I pain from the headache that throbs my head.
Happy moments--> Van's been hitting Melb flights very frequently,
it's lovely to have your gal pals around.
My Margerat Muer Covers, i want more of it.
So back to the obsession, Im still stuck in a rut with
organizing my clothes. I just won a bid on a wadrobe,
but with the built in one that i have. I just want everything
to be neatly stacked...
Just shits me, that everything is exposed. Yeah, Im on this compulsive mood to hide EVERYTHING.
You know, it just looks neat and clean. The room is going on minimal, WHITE!
im in love with this horse lamp, i guess when i do get the chance.
I will pop by Brunswick and scoop over to perhaps purchase it. Another thing, im looking for
are shoes boxes. Im going to take polaroids and stick em on the boxes...
Huntt....hunttt....Here we go.
Latest Buys--> Old school mini teh/Kopi glasses!
Japanese Pot
Freshener For My Wadrobe
Yummy Blueberry Yogurt

Thursday, September 18, 2008


It has only been 3 weeks, and i cant stand my hair being in the state it is.
It looks so bleh, so im thinking it's time to visit Jo....
I know, im meant to grow it out and leave it long ...
But dull and limp, is just not my style.
So, im giving myself 2 weeks for the hair to grow out a little
So snippity snap , it will have to go.

Either i do a super light colour for spring or i cut,
But then im like hey! why not both.
So il do the cut then hit the colour after...

Yikes....! im totally bombarded with h/w...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ET Home

excitement--> hah, finally i am connected to the cyber world.

Whereby the possibilities of endless connection of information,
e-mails and more posting is made a reality.
I guess despite my wanting to be unconnected to the world.
I am slightly being indenial. I miss everybit of my internet.
Ok, now im counting down to the hours i have. To turn my last weeks
"turd" drawing into a non turd drawing. I need to jump to bed.
Wake up to the sunrise and start drawing away my masterplan
of the oh so wonderful retail store ikea....oh hummmm*

The upside--> For once, having moths flying out of pockets have not
brought me to the slums. I am absolutely spicing up to it.
Ok fine, im running up bills left right and centre,but you know.
As my beloved lola says, dont let anything bother you despite the stress.
So, it's cool im looking at the new few month being a good
transition of events.

The downside--> Hitting my pillows for good short nap,
Till the next blahhhh on this page.

Monday, September 01, 2008

the season to be fasting

Wow....look at how fast another year goes by,

yet sometimes it feels like eternity for me.

Mood: Feeling sleepy

1st day of fasting

hungry? nope

thirsty...maybe slightly

unhappy....yes maybe

Anyway, the house is a mess.

Boxes stacked up like lego's,

Rubbish to be throwned out,

Useless stuff that i do not know why existed in my last place.

Happy thoughts---> Just relaxing, though i do have work tom.

Dinner still deciding, to cook or buy?

Panicky....over the amount of clothes i have collected....

Grrr* time to clean out