Sunday, June 13, 2010

Women and our space

Lately , most of the time I find myself whisked away with the noise of the droning train. In that split moment, my eyes ..mostly my thoughts fly away and land on my next movement. Paving through the streets while my toes are curled in a frozen frenzy. I feel the urge, the urge to write .I'm not much of a writer but from the time to time. I like to indulge, in a little tale of nursery rhymes.
Today, i find that it was the first time in months i had my own space maybe a year. Rather strange how in a day, the room smells of flowers. No dust on the shelves. Clothes put away, scooping away to bowls of soup and plenty of SATC to keep me company for a few weeks.
What is it with women and our way of moving around in our space. Its the complete opposite of men. In some ways i think this is why marriage goes into a dump hole. We move like preened peonies while men slumber along with a trail of socks. Hilarious but absolutely true? So, the argument of question in hand for a modern women is Do you slave yourself to him?
Taking your way into the next chapter of life. We often find ourselves whisked away during the high time of dating but honestly after the braced fingers take place.We all start whining, bickering and arguing of how the plates are everywhere and the collection of shoes soon to be named the pile of "Imelda Marcos" consumes the room. As modern generation, the first instinct is to protect and attack. Guess what? Hun, it doesn't help the line of married couples.
So what do we do? Compromise, but retaining the feminine role in which is to nurture.I mean, after are big babies and at the end of the day . They want to be babied , full time! I am on for feminism but when you settle to build a family. It's your choice to make it work as it is for the partner. So, hand out your betty crocker apron and whip up your 3.5 american dream. Enjoy and laugh off the silly small stuff that sweats your head because you and him are bigger than unfolded laundry.

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