Monday, May 31, 2010


Having & humming the S.O.S song in my head, over and over again. Lately i have been hit with the "blue" bug, seriously I'm relatively chirpy when it comes to things even after getting a head lock or guillotine moment ( as sayang puts it ). Despite listening to happy tunes of John Mayer, i am stuck in jello- o. Puts you in that funny scene in HONEY I have shrunk the kids ! Put me out of my misery and hand me a giant chocolate to savour my sorrows or befriend me my giant ant so he may take me away like thumbelina and the swallow.

So far, I have managed to compartmentalize and slowly gather the piles and solve them slowly. Off course if possible, i hope it can go away by this weekend! or at least in the following week.

Back to other misc. things in my life, I find winter just puts me into a hibernation mode. As soon as light goes, I'm wanting to veg in my little bed and curl up to good old fashion TV. I should say DVD as i still need rabbit ears to get TV channels to come through. I slip on to my Jammie's, hrmmm i think tonight is a good book night and you know what . Today , I'm going to pray. I'm going to pray for my family ( all of them ) and all my loved ones.

I feel that's what I'm lacking, some spiritual thought and happiness to feed my soul.Yeah, seem to mentioning soul a lot. Scary huh? Mid life 20's crisis. Haha, not to far from 30 and lets see what i will come up with then.

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balqies said...

ameen :p