Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Realize

Lately, my rants have been merely of an obsession of how everything stinks. Yeah well few weeks ago my mood was zero but lately with all this time with me and my new regime of making myself healthy. I have started to push aside the "crap" and welcome good karma and good vibes despite being so stressed about things.

So, with a lot of courage and smiles im opting for more happiness that i can create.
Enough ranting about the bleak black pool and try to make of whatever i have.
So , in conclusion as long as im healthy, surrounded by people i love,food in my cupboard and clothing on my body & i am able . This equals to being grateful , therefore a deeper sense of peace that i havent been able to achieve in a while now.

So far much of the clockworks i thought that were dim, have started to tick again. So yes, welcome a busy hectic life from this moment till we end this year in which i am very curious to where it will take us.

Total total mood for a big transformation which generally means a haircut/hairstyle change.(hehe* been pulling my extensions out, i had major dreadlocks happening there) Ohh, and lately my current obsession is too puncture my balloon cheeks and face? what is this can old age make my head bigger!??! hehehe*
it tickles my tummy actually, small body and big head. I might start to resemble a bratz doll!

Recent chats with my girlfriends have also added more spice and delight.
The chats start to resemble the obvious. Relationships--> wedding bells
Body --> gravity is starting to push the body into dif directions, mostly downwords.

current song : Colbie Caillat- Break Through

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