Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What do you do on a quiet day?

Sunny and peaceful, that is what today is. However, with a cuppa of coffee i am absolutely buzzing in anxiety. Yes, not a very smart idea to having a low down on stocking and revamping my window up this week.

Several things struck me today.
1. I need my journal, this just helps me accomodate all those pent of feelings and a way to journey my way through the past and present
2. Drink 2 litre's of water
3. Healthy living , despite having my domesticated life again
(cant wait to eat my trevally with sesame and zucchini's)
4. Get on with technology in all sense, so with internet back home and blackberry services available. I should be able to rock my way through every aspect of business
5. I need a day off where i can sit and not sit in front of a computer.



kyun_ said...

cousin get my bb pin from ajie then u can bbm me constantly..hahahah can also transfer pics..btw ur mum and mami is coming over later..ill post up pics later k?

Ariadne said...

Great post!